The Pope said that in some leaders the world needs

© 2018 AFP / Vincenzo Pinto Pope Francis. Archival photoThe Pope said that in some leaders the world needs© 2018 AFP / Vincenzo Pinto

Pope Francis said that the emergence of political leaders with a new mentality, capable of dialogue for peace.

«We need leaders with a new mentality. Those politicians who do not know how to dialogue and map positions are not leaders of the world. A leader who is not making an effort in order to meet the «enemy» to sit with him at the same table, cannot lead his people to peace. In order to do this requires humility, not arrogance,» said the Pontiff, taking on Monday at the Vatican members of the youth peacekeeping Association «Swallow – the Fortress of peace».

Addressing the young people, Pope Francis called for «completely remove war from the world and from the history of mankind.» According to him, it is necessary to comprehensively promote dialogue between representatives of different societies, cultures and generations, and between parties involved in armed conflicts, «because only dialogue there is a trust.»

Members of the Association «Swallow – the Fortress of peace» December 10, will present at the headquarters of the UN its Appeal for peace to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the universal Declaration of human rights.