The Urals parents are asked to check the school on the promotion of homosexuality

© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiyШкольные backpacks. Archival photoThe Urals parents are asked to check the school on the promotion of homosexuality© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiy

The Ural parents Committee has sent an appeal to the regional Prosecutor’s office and the Commissioner for the rights of the child of Sverdlovsk area with the request to check for the presence of propaganda of homosexuality to minors organized by the leadership of one of schools of Ekaterinburg the exhibition of children’s posters on the theme of tolerance, told RIA Novosti the head of the Committee Yevgeny Gabriev.

Previously, the Agency «» reported that in the school №115 organized an exhibition of children’s posters with a picture of same-sex couples. At the same time the representative of Department of education of the city administration told RIA Novosti that the drawings that promote non-traditional values, at the exhibition of posters «Tolerant world» at school №115 of Yekaterinburg was not. At the end of November the police of Yekaterinburg seized for inspection 17 children’s drawings.

«Please check, we believe that violates the law of propaganda of homosexuality among minors in educational institutions, where he participated (in the exhibition) children with a fifth on the eleventh classes. Also, please bring to justice the leadership of the school in the framework of current legislation», – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the exhibition presented drawings, which depicts same-sex couples, rainbow flags and the slogan «We can not choose orientation». Gabriev added that the response of the Department of education of Ekaterinburg that figures promoting non-traditional values, at the exhibition, the Committee was not satisfied.

«Now it is a position that did seniors, supposedly independently invented it. The school management and the Department of education will not help to keep this version for one simple reason. Because even the seniors will not do, if they do not hint. Secondly, it was known that the fifth, sixth, up to the eleventh took part,» said Gareev.

He added that even if small children are not made drawings for the exhibition, you still saw them, because they were exhibited in the hallway of the school, which, according to Gabriela, violates the Federal law on the protection of morality.

«We hope that our supervisors will conduct a good examination,» concluded Gabriev.