Ukrainian border guards are not allowed into the country, 218 of the Russians in a week

© AP Photo / Pavlo Recommendone at a checkpoint on the border of Russia and Ukraine in Hoptivka. November 30, 2018Ukrainian border guards are not allowed into the country, 218 of the Russians in a week© AP Photo / Pavlo Pakhomenko

The border guards of the Eastern regional command, whose area of responsibility includes Kharkiv, Sumy and Luhansk region over the past week not allowed on the territory of Ukraine 218 the Russians, said Monday the head of Department Andrey Ignatyev.

«Crossed the state line 6,213 thousand citizens of Russia. It was not missed 218» — said Ignatyev at a briefing.

The representative of state frontier service of Ukraine Andrey Demchenko said on Saturday that three days was denied entry into the country 99 to the Russians, because most of them were not able to confirm the purpose of their trip, some had no relevant documents or exceeded the period of authorized stay.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Twitter that the country imposes restrictions on entry of citizens of the Russian Federation males aged from 16 to 60 years. The day before, Kiev has imposed martial law in some areas in Ukraine, including the border with Russia. This mode provides the possibility of temporary restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens. In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not impose any retaliatory restrictions against the citizens of Ukraine, but rather facilitate the conditions of their stay in Russia and receive Russian citizenship. The Russian foreign Ministry said that this decision demonstrates the good intentions of Russia against Ukrainians.