«Afraid to leave «: why in Togliatti can’t find the maniac, cutting girls

© Provided by research Affairs of the Samara blastomogenesis in the attack on women«Afraid to leave «: why in Togliatti can’t find the maniac, cutting girls© Provided by research Affairs of the Samara region

Togliatti police third day in a row looking for a criminal attacking with a knife on the women. According to the interior Ministry, he seriously wounded two, but locals claim that victims much more. The identity and motives of the attacker is not yet established. Investigators work out several versions, and residents, meanwhile, organized militias to patrol the streets.

Evening walk

The evening of 29 November in Togliatti publics in social networks spread information about the attack on the girl. «On Thursday at 19:30 my sister near the entrance, was attacked by some creep! It was the sixth quarter in the street Revolutionary. He ran up behind, struck two blows with a knife on the back, cut through her jacket and clothing, wrote an anonymous user. — Swung a third time, he slipped and fell down the stairs, and then ran away. This is a young guy, 18 years old, Slavic appearance, dressed in a beige jacket, dark pants and a dark hat. Fortunately, the sister escaped with superficial wounds.»

The social network has treated this information skeptically, but the next day a similar attack again talking in social media and even local media. And with reference to law enforcement agencies. The incident occurred on the evening of 30 November. Twenty-year-old Tatiana A. received several penetrating stab wounds of the chest and abdomen. She was taken to the hospital — she’s in serious condition, is in intensive care, it has seriously damaged the stomach and the liver.

On Saturday, the first of December, suffered a 46 year old woman. She is also hospitalized.

In social networks we are talking about tens of victims, including children. While the police officially confirmed only two attacks that took place on 30 November and first of December in the Avtozavodsky district. «Employees of the Moi of Russia are wanted by an unknown assailant, — told RIA Novosti the Main Department of internal Affairs across the Samara region. — Suspect is a male, slim build, he looks about 30 years old, height 160-170 cm, was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans.»

Criminal case under article of the criminal code «Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.» «Also raised the question of reclassification to a more serious article «Attempted murder,» said RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies. — According to preliminary data, the suspect no one bothered to finish the attack with murder, but for some reason he didn’t. His motives are unclear».

In social networks published a video which allegedly recorded one of the attacks.

The investigation is on special control of regional Prosecutor’s office. «In the city operational activities are carried out, all employees of law enforcement agencies and private security companies is focused on finding the attacker, — said there. — Conducted testing of the registered persons, including those on mental accounting.»

People’s anger

Residents, especially the residents of Avtozavodsky district, was seriously disturbed. According to them, girls are afraid to go out, parents can let their children to school. «On the way to school and home trying to keep the groups of seven to eight people. Everyone feels the danger,» — told RIA Novosti the student of one of the colleges Ilya Dinoseb.

The police have also advised citizens to travel only on lighted areas and not to leave the house alone. While the operatives working in emergency mode, looking for the attacker, residents unite in national teams for patrol of streets and the search for self.

«I have thrown a call in social networks, spoke immediately about 50 people. We plan to walk on the places where crimes occurred. Our task is to prevent further attacks and to catch a serial killer, says RIA Novosti resident of Tolyatti Oleg Galin. In the city many people are scared. There is information that after each attempt, the perpetrator changes the service makes it all quite deliberately. At home I have a wife and two children, so I want to catch it as soon as possible».

On the evening of the third of December in Togliatti began increased patrolling of the streets. As the orientation of the police and civil use screenshot from video cameras that captured the suspect.

The suspect was arrested the next day. They found 28-year-old Anton Ipatov. In his «track record» six convictions, two of which are repaid. The last date the offender received in September 2011 for a series of crimes, including several thefts and attempted a carjacking. On the freedom he left two years ago. For a double murder he could face more severe punishment — up to life.

The attacker at the girls in Togliatti in case of successful capture shines till ten years of imprisonment. However, if it is all the same perekvalificirovat on article «Attempted murder», the term will be doubled.