Annually in Moscow will build no less than 10 temples

© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of construction in Mosquitobites of the state Duma, the adviser of the Patriarch on construction Vladimir resin, the construction of the temple in Moscow. Archival photo.Annually in Moscow will build no less than 10 temples© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of the Moscow construction complex

In Moscow, each year will build 10 churches in the «Program 200», but only thanks to her appeared in the capital for more than 60 new Orthodox churches, the press service of the supervising Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir resin.

«We are fulfilling our commitments… annually donate 10 new churches,» — said resin.

He said when the program was initiated (nearly ten years ago), the authors proposed to build economical model modular building of temples.

«Now we see everywhere the individual projects, with good Sunday schools, concert and sports halls. It is the choice of the residents themselves, people want to see their temples are beautiful,» said curator «Program – 200».

He cited the example of a Church in honour of St. Spyridon on the street Big Academic in Captive, which is the largest of the projects under construction today in Sao, so that residents of the area call it the «Big academic». The temple can hold up to 1.5 thousand parishioners, and next to him is a spiritual and educational centre which can host 1.5 thousand people. At the Church on the initiative of the rector of the parish, will open a free music school choral choir. «This work plan to include the Ministry of culture and the Conservatory,» — promised the resin.

An example of modern wooden architecture small buildings is culminating in construction of a wooden Church in honour of the Twelve apostles Horine. Earlier Patriarch Kirill urged not to get carried away in Moscow construction of wooden churches to reduce the cost of projects – and this wooden Church promises to be obviously not cheap, but «ecotechnological». «This successful project is effective and economical, ecotechnological can be applied in other venues of Moscow, where the allocated small plots for construction,» — says the Advisor to the mayor and the Patriarch.

On Christmas day the first vigil will be held in the newly built temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov in East Degunino, this is the first parish of the district, which is home to 95 thousand inhabitants. In the context of the «Program 200,» according to her official website, built for temple 63, 27 churches building. The program was initiated by the Patriarch Kirill in 2009 and involves the construction in Moscow two hundred temples within walking distance.