«Avtonet» has developed a manual on behavior when meeting with a drone

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in fotobanka drive prototype unmanned SHUTTLE buses provided by the Russian manufacturer of trucks KAMAZ in Kazan. Archival photo«Avtonet» has developed a manual on behavior when meeting with a drone© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

National technology initiative (NTI) «Avtonet» has developed a list of recommendations for drivers and pedestrians, who met automated cars on the Russian roads, told RIA Novosti the representative of «AutoNet».

According to the document, all road users are advised not to pay attention to the cars with a «Autonomous driving» and strictly to observe traffic regulations. «No need to rush under the wheels, trying to do something sudden or in any other manner the technician to try to test. Than predictable, standard traffic situation for an unmanned vehicle, the higher the likelihood that other drivers will not notice his «besplatnosti,» says Director of business development drones of «Yandex» Artem Fokin.

Thus the adviser of the head of the STI «Avtonet» Roman Malkin noticed that the proposed manual is Advisory in nature and will be further developed rules governing traffic regulations in the conditions of the drones on the roads.

«An experiment on public roads will not pose a danger to pedestrians and drivers of traditional vehicles. In the test project will involve only vehicles with a high degree of automation and in the cockpit of each prototype will sit with the engineer, who may, if necessary, to turn off autopilot and manually control the machine. However, despite all precautions, you may experience abnormal situations on the roads associated with improper behaviour of pedestrians and drivers of neighboring cars,» said Malkin.

The manual consists of ten recommendations. So, it is recommended to strictly observe traffic rules at traffic lights (yellow — stand), not to lean out the window and waving hands in front of the drone to use turn signals when maneuvering, not to distract the engineer-pilot signals for no reason, motorcyclists not to touch the drone circling him.

Also do not try to shoot the drone, being distracted by this from the road, not to try to cross the road before the car even on the Zebra crossing, drivers should be careful when crossing the roadway, as the drone can appear suddenly, and pedestrians — to cross the road in designated areas only observing the distance and not to use the clothing items and accessories that can limit the perception of the situation.