Chelyabinsk court has satisfied the claim of the militia of Donbass for asylum in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Sterotypical in fotomontagen hammer. Archival photoChelyabinsk court has satisfied the claim of the militia of Donbass for asylum in Russia© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Sterotypically the image Bank

The Chelyabinsk regional court on Tuesday granted the petition on granting temporary asylum on the territory of Russia of the citizen of Ukraine Philip Venediktov told RIA Novosti press-service of regional court.

According Pravoberezhny district court of Magnitogorsk, Venediktov in 2017 requested asylum in the Russian Federation, in the questionnaire he indicated that he left Ukraine in 2016 because of disagreement with the policies of the current government, and believes that he could be held criminally liable for service in the armed forces of the DNI. Asylum the Department of the migration service and the courts was denied. The Chelyabinsk regional court on 4 December re-considered the claim Venediktova.

«The regional court granted the claim Venediktova,» — said the press service.

Venediktov told reporters that now intends to apply to the interior Ministry. «The court fully satisfied my claim, overturned the decision of the interior Ministry of Russia in the region about refusal in granting to me temporary asylum-and ordered the interior Ministry to accept a request for the issuance of my temporary shelter. Now I’m going to do the documents and I hope soon to become a citizen (Russia),» he said.

Venediktov hopes that now the interior Ministry, after receiving the application will make a temporary registration for 3 months; citizenship he expects to receive during the year. He added that he does not see himself without Russia, and that part of Ukraine, where he lived, all speak Russian, identify themselves with the Russian.

Venediktov is going to live in Magnitogorsk, working electrician, and in DOSAAF to engage in military-Patriotic education of children. «Our plans are big – you need to fill up the family, earn the money,» he said.