Erofeev, Bitov called a real writer, gifted by God

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotobanka Bits. Archival photoErofeev, Bitov called a real writer, gifted by God© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

Victor Erofeyev told RIA Novosti that he has always looked up to Andrei Bitov — the present writer, gifted by God.

«For me, the death of Andrei Bitov is a huge loss,» said Yerofeyev.

«Since that time, I felt like a writer, I looked up to Andrew as a real writer, who is gifted by God. This means that this talent is not fictional, not organized by man, and it is something that exists as a tribute to, as reality. Andrei was a quality that is quite rare — a Mature, deep, amazing mind,» he added.

According to Yerofeyev, Bits has decided to participate in the almanac «Metropol», after the publication of which the authors were subjected to Soviet persecution, «very quickly, although at the time it was extremely dangerous.»

Bits is one of the founders of Soviet postmodernism. Winner of numerous Russian and international literary awards. The author of the novels «the Pushkin house», «Man in landscape», «the Georgian album». The works of writer translated into almost all European languages.