Former Peru’s President Garcia expressed readiness to appear before the justice

© AFP 2018 / Alejandro, Radex-Peru’s President Alan Garcia. Archival photoFormer Peru’s President Garcia expressed readiness to appear before the justice© 2018 AFP / Alejandro Pagni

The former President of Peru, Alan Garcia, who on Monday was denied political asylum in the Embassy of Uruguay, said he was ready to face justice.

Garcia is suspected of involvement in a criminal conspiracy and money laundering. In addition, prosecutors presented evidence that the former President received from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht the size of a bribe of 100 thousand dollars.

«I declare that asked for asylum in accordance with the Constitution, until the expiration of the warrant of arrest, but after that I’ll be home in readiness for the investigations that will be against me», — quotes the portal Comercio, the statement of Garcia.

Earlier, the head of the Uruguayan foreign Minister, Rodolfo NIN Novoa announced that his government had asked the former President to leave the Embassy denying him asylum. As reported by portal RPP, Garcia arrived to the house of the daughter of Carla in the Barranco district in Lima. According to his personal Secretary Ricardo Pineda, Garcia did not intend to seek asylum in another Embassy.