Greek businesses said the strengthening of economic relations with Russia

© RIA Novosti / Daria Swimovate philopappou in Athens in Greece. Arhivnoe photoGreek businesses said the strengthening of economic relations with Russia© RIA Novosti / Daria Boumova

The Russian and Greek business expands cooperation, Russia has a growing interest in investing in Greece, and in Greece — to the creation of joint ventures, said the President of the Greek-Russian chamber of trade Dimitris Bakolas in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«In recent years revived the interest of Russian businessmen to Greece as opportunities for cooperation, investment. In particular, I was contacted by Russian Railways, a couple of private companies to help with the business. Moved two or three large investments. Tourism is on the rise,» said Bacolas.

«It seems that the deterioration of relations with Europe and, in particular, here is the story of Greece is not scared of the Russian business. And the Greeks, for their part, are constantly trying to find ways to work with Russia. Even those who have production got under bilateral sanctions, also trying to find a way of cooperation. One of them is the creation of joint ventures, and many consider it», — said the President of the chamber.

According to him, he looks optimistically at the economic relationship and believes that they will reach the level that could be expected given the friendly relations between the two Nations.

Bakolas hopes that the Greek government will manage to keep the balance in relations with Russia, on the one hand, and America and the European Union on the other.

«After the mistakes of the Greek government in its relations with Russia, with Russian diplomats and harsh statements, the Greek government and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urgently trying to rectify the situation. Incorrect history», — said the President of the chamber, referring to the diplomatic conflict that occurred in the summer.

«It’s certainly difficult to balance in the world between two forces when Russia’s relations with America and Europe not in the best condition. Greece has always traditionally had with Russia good relations. On the other hand, she tries to be friends with America and Europe, which we are part. It’s not easy and it takes significant skill. It seems that the Greek government wants to try this to keep the balance, and I hope that it will be able to do it, based on the relations of the two peoples who always was, is and will remain the most friendly one,» he said.

Bacolas said that Greek-Russian chamber of Commerce participated in the preparation meeting of the Russian-Greek joint Commission on economic cooperation, to be held 5-6 December in Moscow, on the eve of the Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Russia.

«We gave the Ministry of foreign Affairs the vision, the materials we helped. I was thinking to go to Moscow, but the date coincided with the holding in Thessaloniki on December 5 conference in connection with the opening of the North-Greek branch of the chamber of Commerce. She was scheduled for a long time, the conference will be many of the businessmen of Northern Greece, the expected performance of the Russian Consul, official Greek representatives. We will talk about the relations between the two countries», — said Bacolas.

North Greece more than other regions have suffered from the EU sanctions and retaliatory Russian embargo, as this region was the main supplier to Russia of agricultural products.

«It was a big blow to our producers. Business mobile, they gradually found ways to market. I will not hide, someone found a way around the sanctions,» — said Bacolas, commenting on the supply of strawberries, fish, and other products through third countries.

«Sort of crossing with the Turkish products and other. There is, and you know how it is. But still people hope that for a while these sanctions», — he said.

Bakolas also said that Greek-Russian chamber of Commerce involved in the creation in Russia of a Greek house.

«I think the Russian and Greek houses — is not this basic. Large companies no home no, they’re without homes do. As a small business — he needs help. Here we house and help,» he concluded.