In Bashkiria rescued the cub, caught in a river

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in fotoballoon. Archival photoIn Bashkiria rescued the cub, caught in a river© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Veterinarians rescued a calf that is running away from three wolves in Bashkiria, fell into a pond and could not get out, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Ministry of natural resources of the region Lily Nuretdinova.

GTRK «Bashkortostan» has published a video of an eyewitness of the incident in which a calf is stuck in the ice crust of a pond. The fisherman who sent the tape to TV channel, said that the elk was trapped, running away from predators.

According to the Ministry, the incident occurred in gafuriysky region of the Republic.

«Experienced hunters say that moose hide from predators in the pond. In this case, too, it happened — calf chased three wolves, and he tried to hide from them in the river. Eyewitnesses called the Ministry of environment inspector and the vet. He sewed up the laceration in a calf who was mauled by predators. Now the animal feels good, determined him to the wildlife rescue centre «Kolaska» in Kushnarenkovskogo district, I think in the spring it will go into the forest,» — said the Agency Nuretdinova.

In Bashkiria rescued the cub, caught in a river

According to her, rescued the calf and no, he was born this year.