In Kazakhstan put out a fire in the building materials market

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A major fire on the construction market in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, the area of which amounted to 1.4 thousand square meters, was liquidated, victims and survivors there, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Committee of emergency situations (CoES) of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Nurakhmetov.

A fire in the building materials market emerged on Tuesday morning. The message on ignition arrived in rescue workers 04.43 local time (GMT 01.43). Initially, CoES reported that the fire covered 20 containers on an area of 800 square meters.

According to nurakhmetova, according to updated information, the market burned 43 of the container with building materials on the area of 1.4 thousand square meters.

«The fire is localized at 07.30 (04.30 GMT) and liquidated 08.38 (05.38 GMT). No victims,» — said the representative of the CSF.

In extinguishing the fire were involved 32 personnel, and nine units of fire equipment.

Elucidation of the causes of fire will deal with fire research laboratory.