Media reported about the disappearance of a Chinese scholar who changed the DNA of embryos

© Depositphotos / zentiliaМолекулы DNA. Archival photoMedia reported about the disappearance of a Chinese scholar who changed the DNA of embryos© Depositphotos / zentilia

Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy, announced the birth of the first ever genetically modified children, were missing after a speech at an international conference in Hong Kong, the newspaper South China Morning Post.

Earlier in mass media there were messages that the scientist arrested. In addition, it was reported that the rector of the South University of science and technology, where he previously worked he Cisangkuy, brought him back to Shenzhen. But the school has not confirmed this information.

«Currently, no information in addition to official, is not reliable,» — said the publication of the official representative of the University.

Shocking experiment

Last week he Cisangkuy shocked world public opinion, a statement about the birth of babies whose DNA was modified to resist HIV infection. The scientist criticized by colleagues and authorities. The state Committee of China for health and the planned birth started an investigation.

Deputy Minister of science and technology of China Xu Nanping instructed to stop all research related to the editing of the DNA of the embryo.

At the conference in Hong Kong devoted to change human genes, Ho Cisangkuy confirmed that in the experiment voluntarily participated seven pairs. According to him, this month, one of them appeared perfectly healthy girls twins Nana and Lulu.

In justification of his work he Cisangkuy said that despite all the advances in HIV treatment, this disease remains on the list of leading causes of death in a number of countries, primarily developing ones.