Medina called Bitov bright person

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Andrei Bitov was a talented writer and brilliant man, he always wanted to achieve more for his colleagues, told reporters on Monday, Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

Writer Andrei Bitov died in Moscow at the age of 81 years, about it on the page in social network Facebook wrote the literary critic Galina Yuzefovich. This information RIA Novosti has also confirmed Director of the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin, friend of the author Evgeny Bogatyrev.

«We knew each other for a long time, since the beginning of the Russian PEN center. Great talent and a brilliant man, passionate, always disagree with the government, any brand. I think in the days of the tsarist regime, he would say. in the days of Stalin, a Trotskyist. This man is burning you always wanted to achieve more for his writing of the Corporation, colleagues, friends,» said Medina.

One of the founders of Soviet postmodernism, winner of two State prizes of the Russian Federation Bitov was born in Leningrad. He began writing in 1956, the first Bitov’s stories have been published in the almanac «Young Leningrad» in 1960. The first book of the writer «Country area» was released in 1967 in Moscow, followed by «Aptekarsky island», «Lessons of Armenia», «lifestyle», «Days of man» (1976), «Seven voyages», «the Pushkin house», published in the USA in 1978, in the USSR, the novel was first published almost 10 years later — the magazine «New world» in 1987.

Bits published in banned in the Soviet Union the dissident almanac «Metropol», for which he was dismissed from the Moscow literary Institute, where he led classes on writing. After that, it ceased to publish in the Soviet Union, he was restricted from travelling abroad. New publication in the homeland has become possible only with the beginning of perestroika in the USSR.

Since 1985, it has published more than 30 books Bitov, including «the Georgian album», «Book of travel», «Man in landscape» (1988), «Flying Monks» (1990), «Catechumens», «Empire in four dimensions», «the Agony in the garden» (2007), «the symmetry Teacher» and others.

The works of writer translated into almost all European languages. Bits winner of numerous Russian and international literary awards. Since 1991 the writer is President of the Russian PEN club.