Moscow to introduce new tariffs and rules for use of paid Parking

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousovski paid Parking in Moscow. Archival photoMoscow to introduce new tariffs and rules for use of paid Parking© RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov

The price of Parking will rise in the center of Moscow from December 15, rates range from 80 to 380 rubles per hour, also from 15 to 5 minutes reduced the time to pay for Parking, developments will not affect holders of Parking permits and the beneficiaries and will be introduced acupressure on specific streets, the press service of the Department of transport in the capital on Tuesday.

Previously, experts of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics suggested the Moscow authorities to relieve the Parking in the center city by increasing the cost to prices in the underground Parking, that is up to 400-500 rubles. According to experts, changes in the cost of Parking is relevant because of the high loading of streets and roads and the constant growth in the number of vehicles in the capital, and the increase in tariffs and reduction in free period will reduce the load on the city Parking lots by 15-20% and free space for local residents.

«The changes will happen on the streets inside the Garden ring and only a few points at the TTC where there is a strong workload. The cost varies only during the day from 8.00 till 21.00 at night, the fare remains the same. We ask drivers to take a closer look at the signs that will be upgraded before December 15, and will be amended accordingly in the application for payment of Parking», — stated in the message.

Thus, the minimum cost of Parking at the center will be 80 rubles per hour, this cost will be installed in the streets between the Garden and Boulevard rings. Parking differential rate — 50 rubles for the first 30 minutes, then 150 rubles per hour — more will be on the busy streets of the Garden ring. On the streets within the Boulevard ring rates are 100 and 200 rubles per hour.

The maximum rate at 380 rubles will be installed on 1.9% of the streets in the city — about Moscow-city, Tverskaya street, Arbat and Patriarch’s ponds, and streets Petrovka and Neglinnaya, Romanov pereulok and others.

The Department stressed that the rates will change to 5% of all Parking spaces in the capital, with the cost of Parking in 40 and 60 rubles per hour will remain between the Garden and Third transport ring, and also for him.

«We ask motorists to pay special attention to the signs. The public holidays even on these streets, cars will continue to Park for free. Thanks to these measures, local residents and motorists that come and go in the center, will be able to find Parking on the street or leave the car in the underground Parking lot, which, as a rule, there is no shortage of Parking spaces», — stressed in the Department.

In addition, changes were made and the time of payment of Parking — from 15 December it will be reduced from 15 to 5 minutes. The change of the Metropolitan urban space in the Department explained to the expert studies and requests from residents, according to the Agency, nearly 25% of the level of congestion of car parks today and create cars parked without payment within the allotted free 15 minutes.

«It creates additional traffic, affects other drivers who can’t find Parking. While 98% of motorists pay for Parking using a mobile app or SMS within a few minutes,» — explained in the Department.

Also for residents of the Central areas of the city will be held at 76 locations available for residents only. In particular, the list includes street Sadovnicheskaya, Chayanov, Sergei of Radonezh, Theological, Pirutinsky lane and others.