Peskov said that Putin is «insanely hard» to argue

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in potomacfever Putin, Dmitry Peskov. Archival photoPeskov said that Putin is «insanely hard» to argue© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that to argue with Vladimir Putin very hard.

According to him, the Russian leader operates with a large volume of information, and makes a compelling case.

«In terms of expert training, he can give odds to anyone. To argue with him is always very difficult,» admitted Sands.

that Putin, he said, immediately «trample down the source of» who starts to argue with him, but does it absolutely convincingly.

The President’s schedule

According to Peskov, Putin’s schedule is a bit shifted in time, so that the greatest activity of the President starts at 18.00-20.00.

Such schedule, as a rule, all ministries, departments, the White house, explained Sands.

«As a rule, less than 10 hours working day no one works. It’s 12-13 hours at work. Moreover, the President loves shifted work schedule,» said the spokesman.

Previously Peskov, answering the question about the mode of the day the head of state, called him «a workaholic sports» — even if the working day lasted past midnight, Putin still engaged and in the gym and in the pool.