Poll: in Moldova, the majority is against independence of the Moldovan Church from the Russian Orthodox Church

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photovacation of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. Archival photoPoll: in Moldova, the majority is against independence of the Moldovan Church from the Russian Orthodox Church© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

More than half of inhabitants of Moldova to speak against the independence of the Moldovan Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church, according to the sociological survey «public opinion Barometer», presented on Tuesday by the Institute for public policy.

«The question of whether the Orthodox Church of Moldova to be independent from the Russian Orthodox Church, «probably Yes» and «Yes» was answered by 15% and 6.5% of respondents. «Definitely not» answered 32% «more likely no» — 23.6% of respondents,» — said the Director of the Institute for public policy Arcady barbaroshie.

He noted that 22% of respondents did not know what to answer, and less than 1% — did not want to answer this question.

Citizens of Moldova were also asked about how they belong to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. «Very good» or «good» responded 2.1% and 11.4% of respondents, respectively. «Bad» assess the situation as 24.8% of respondents, «very bad» 28%. While 30,55% of respondents are unable to answer this question, and the rest would not.

Sociological researches were held from 9 April to 23 November. It was attended by 1,115 people. The maximum error is 3%.

The relevance of the survey in Moldova gives the aggravation of religious issues in neighboring Ukraine. Because of the decision of Constantinople to begin providing non-canonical autocephaly churches in Ukraine, which the Russian Orthodox Church is called the schism, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on 15 October announced the severance of communication with the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the canonical territory of the ROC, including Ukraine and Belarus. The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has called canonically void, and saw politics in the abolition of Constantinople by the act of 1686 on the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Hilarion said that Constantinople lost its right to be called the coordinating centre of Orthodoxy. In the ROC I hope that Constantinople will change the decision to give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, and before that he will be in schism.