The analyst has estimated the losses of Russian banks in Ukraine

© RIA Novostiukraine of Sberbank in Kiev. Archival photoThe analyst has estimated the losses of Russian banks in Ukraine© RIA Novosti

The greatest losses among the Russian banks in Ukraine, for 10 months of the current year received a «daughter» of Sberbank — 7 billion (16.5 billion rubles at the CBR exchange rate on 5 December), the only profitable «daughter» of Russian banks was the «Alfa Bank Ukraine», according to RIA Novosti head of the analytical Department of the Bank BKF Maxim Osadchy.

According to statements from five Ukrainian banks owned Russian banks, after-tax profit for the 10 months of this year showed only «Alfa Bank Ukraine», which during the reporting period, earned one billion hryvnia (2.36 billion rubles).

The remaining four banks in January-October of current year has received a loss — leader subsidiary Bank Sberbank received for 10 months loss of $ 7 billion. VTB Bank (Ukraine) got the loss for the period 1.9 billion hryvnia (4,48 billion). Prominvestbank, member of the group of state Corporation «VEB.Of the Russian Federation», finished 10 months of the current year with a loss 721,7 million (1.7 billion rubles), Bank «Forward», which is included in the «Russian standard» — with a loss of 168,8 million (398,4 million roubles).

In General, Ukrainian banks were UAH 9.5 billion after-tax profit.

Ukraine in March 2017 for a period of one year imposed sanctions against all working in Ukraine structures of the Russian state-owned banks, barring them from any financial transactions in favour of related persons, in particular, the parent structures. In March of the current year Ukraine has extended the sanctions to date under sanctions remain Ukrainian Sberbank and VTB, as well as Prominvestbank («daughter» VEB).

The national Bank of Ukraine in September refused to register the Belarusian Paritetbank the acquisition of the Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank. It was the fourth attempt of the savings Bank to sell your business in Ukraine. In early November the national Bank of Ukraine of planning has revoked the banking license of the «BM Bank», in late November recognized the «daughter» of the Russian VTB insolvent.