«The body dump». What will happen with a newborn son a murder suspect from Frolovo

© Photo from personal archive of Dmitry abakumovka the child’s body in the city dump«The body dump». What will happen with a newborn son a murder suspect from Frolovo© Photo from personal archive of Dmitry Habahu

Newborn boy from the Volgograd region not even two weeks, but around his fate has already turned a lot of drama. The boy’s mother filed a murder case last baby this story in March shocked the small town of Frolovo. A woman is in jail and can’t raise the son. Babies wants to take the education of my grandmother — she made a statement to the guardianship. RIA Novosti has tried to understand the situation.

Torn from mother

Kohl’s (name changed) was born in the Volgograd hospital in late November. With the mother he barely saw — soon after giving birth Anna Karimova had to go back into custody. Now she’s awaiting trial for the murder of his own son. «In prison there was no normal conditions for childbirth, so she was released and was sent to the hospital. However, the court found no reason to leave it there after the surgery. The child is taken custody by the decision of the administration not to put him in danger,» — told RIA Novosti the head of the investigative Department for the Central district of the regional management of SK Michael Bobkov.

Now the baby transferred to the neonatal ward of the Volgograd hospital №5. «He feels good, he is given all necessary help. The fate of the boy in the hands of the guardianship and custody», — said the Agency Commissioner for children’s rights in the region Nina Boldyreva.

In the meantime, to pick up my grandson on the education intends grandmother. Although local media published information that the city government doesn’t hear her requests, the officials say otherwise. «Obstacles to start the process of guardianship no. Our specialists have already contacted Natalia Stepanova and explained her procedure. On Friday, she wrote the required statement», — commented to the correspondent of RIA of news in administration of the Central district of Volgograd.

What did Karimov? The woman suspected of the crime, damaging his cruelty. The case is now under investigation.

«The investigation established that on the morning of the first of March 2018 after a quarrel with the suspect’s mother with 9-month-old child left Frolovo, where she lived with her parents and three year old daughter. She arrived in Volgograd and rented an apartment. In the evening of the third of March she squeezed her arms about the neck of the child. Making sure that son is dead, put the body in the bag and threw it in the trash», — restores a terrible picture Bobkov.

According to security officers, after the crime, Karimov went to the city of Volzhskiy to his girlfriend, who recently gave birth. She gave her a pram and things murdered son. And his friend from Frolovo the suspect was told on the phone that supposedly dropped son in the bathroom, the baby died and she buried him.«The body dump». What will happen with a newborn son a murder suspect from Frolovo© RIA Novosti / Maxim Aminostyrene nursery. The inmates give birth and raise children in the area

«The alarm sounded the suspect’s mother: he informed the police that her daughter was missing, along with the youngest child and is no longer alive. In the end, Karimov wrote a confession and confessed. On questioning, she explained that she decided to get rid of the baby because of the reluctance to raise and reproaches of parents in the absence of permanent income. She repented, not once repeated that took the soul of a great sin, and wants to redeem him, giving birth to another son, who became pregnant shortly before committing the crime,» explains a representative of the UK.

«Ate dogs or falcons»

Security forces along with volunteers one day looking for the child’s body in the city dump. «There were brought the garbage from the whole city, the area is huge, the division into sectors was not mountains of waste — above ten meters. Employees insurance asked us to help. Fitting the tractor removed layers of debris. We were all checked manually, but it took too much time. Then changed tactics excavator was hooked packets with a ladle, turn it over, and we watched content. He only knew that the bag must be black, can you imagine how many of these. After considerable effort, we never found the body», — told RIA Novosti the volunteer search and rescue team «has Saved 34» Dmitry Habahu.

© Photo from personal archive of Dmitry Aboutmary Habahu in search of the body of the child«The body dump». What will happen with a newborn son a murder suspect from Frolovo© Photo from personal archive of Dmitry Aboutmary Habahu on finding the child’s body

In his view, options, what happened to the corpse, two: «down In the dumps a lot of dogs, upstairs circling falcons, Taurus could kill predators. Or Karimov’s just sold, and did not kill the child, but the result of misled».
Now the Investigative Committee conducts additional examinations and will then pass the case under part 2 of article 105 of the Russian criminal code «murder of a minor in a helpless condition» in the Prosecutor’s office.