The EP suggested to improve the system of party training

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotomontaggi batalina. Archival photoThe EP suggested to improve the system of party training© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the EP Olga batalina believes that it is necessary to think about improving the system of party training, which is designed not only for the workers party, but also for those wishing to try policy.

«Different directions of party training in the «United Russia» was before. But now the time has come when you must think about a comprehensive system of party training, which is designed not only to party members or supporters, but also those people who are making their first steps in politics, regardless of age,» — said batalina, the TV channel «Russia 24», answering the question about the educational program of the higher party school, the start of the first set which will be given at the Congress of EP.

The Deputy Secretary stressed that the program will be designed for those «who comes into politics through social activities, through some kind of active citizenship».

«Yes, indeed, people have a trust on the territory where they live. There are some set of cases or projects, but insufficient competencies of civil, political, a variety of skills, participation in political struggle, election campaigns, making future educational system that is created today in the «United Russia», it suggests opportunities for learning as those who are already working in the party … and those people who are ready to work with United Russia to try herself in public policy,» — said batalina.

However, she stressed that it could not be sure of parliamentary activity, and the various aspects of political activities.

She also noted that «United Russia» was entrusted with the right to determine their candidates for the elections to the people: «This is not a list written somewhere in the quiet rooms of the party. For several years, we run a completely open primaries, which is very similar to a real election. When people define who they saw candidates from the party», — added the Deputy Secretary.

Batalina said that the party undertakes to nominate these people in the future, regardless of whether an experienced is MP, or is it novice politicians. «Here’s to those effective in the lives of people to prepare for political work, will run additional modules in this system of party training», she concluded.