The unification of the passengers opposed the pay-in Desk at the airport

© Depositphotos / kastoДевушка at the airport. Archival photoThe unification of the passengers opposed the pay-in Desk at the airport© Depositphotos / kasto

The Russian Association of the passengers opposed the initiative of the airline «Victory» to abolish the mandatory inclusion in the ticket fees for registration of passengers at the airport, told RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Association Ilya Zotov.

The General Director of «Victory» Andrey Kalmykov said in a report published on Monday an interview with RBC that the budget carrier asked the Ministry of transport with a proposal to exclude from Federal aviation rules (FAP) the obligation of the carrier to include the cost of the ticket a fee for airport check-in.

«Victory» in the autumn has already introduced a paid registration in foreign airports, with passengers left the opportunity to register online on the website of the carrier. The airline said that it has to go on such measure, in order not to increase the cost of tickets due to the sharp rise in fuel prices.

«The national Association of passengers strongly opposed to passengers took extra for airport check-in, as not all passengers have the necessary knowledge to implement online check-in, or technical facilities for registration,» — said Zotov.

According to the organization, there are passengers who need to be protected from paying extra fees and to legislate, the impossibility of paying them.