The work of van Dyck and Rembrandt will be the top lots auction of works by «old masters» in London

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotobounce on tower bridge over river Thames in London. Archival photoThe work of van Dyck and Rembrandt will be the top lots auction of works by «old masters» in London© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Week of trading «old masters» kicks off on Tuesday in London, among the top lots – works by Anthony van Dyck, Brueghel and Rembrandt.

Sotheby’s and Rembrandt

«Etude head and folded hands a young man, or Christ in prayer» by Rembrandt – the top lot of Sotheby’s evening sale which will take place on 5 December. The work is estimated at 6-8 million pounds.

Painting for auction for the first time in 60 years. Before the exhibition at the Louvre in 2011, in the process of technical examination and restoration, the painting was discovered fingerprints allegedly belonging to the artist.

«The prints were left in wet paint, probably with the thumb of the artist. Subsequently, they were covered with another layer of paint and lacquer layers. Of course, probably to talk about the ownership of the prints we can’t, but it is believed that this is the only existing prints of the Dutch masters» — told RIA Novosti the representative of the auction house.

Until recently, the work was exhibited in the Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam, and hung in the hall, which was previously the bedroom of the artist.

Painting by Pieter Bruegel the elder’s «Landscape with fishermen unloaded and sold their catch, with the prophet Jonah in the distance» is estimated at 1,8-2,5 million pounds.

The auction house called the work of a rare early masterpieces of the artist, painted for the Barberini, one of the most influential families in Italy.

Other top auction lots are two portraits painted by van Dyck: portrait of 11-year-old Prince of Wales, future Charles II, and his 9-year-old sister Mary. The first work exhibited with the estimate of 2-3 million pounds, the second at 600-800 thousand.

Also for auction at Sotheby’s exhibited the work of Brueghel the younger, and Jacob van Razdela.

Christie’s and van Dyck

Top-lot evening auction Christie’s on December 6 will be the portrait of nine-year-old daughter of the English king Charles I Mary brush Antonis van Dyck.

«This is one of the most important European Royal portraits ever put up for auction. He painted from nature: you can see around the heads of Mary this glory, he means that the head of van Dijk wrote separately from the rest. Luxurious dress in which is the Princess, perhaps the one she married. Yes, nine years – it was an early marriage, but not an exceptional case,» — told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of «evening auction» works of «old masters» Christie’s auction house Clementine Sinclair.

Christie’s under the «classic week» also provides several thematic auctions. 4 December there will be an auction of works of European sculpture, December 5, will be sold by the school Rugby School is a collection of 200 works by «old masters» and the ancient manuscripts, ancient sculptures and a collection of antique gold boxes. 6 and 7 December, the auction house offered for sale a collection of a businessman from the Netherlands Erica Albadi of Jelgersma. Top lots in this collection will be a pair of portraits by Frans Hals «portrait of a 37-year-old gentleman» and «portrait of a 36-year-old lady» with an estimate of 8.12 million pounds.

Key lot auction at Bonhams on December 5 promises to be a still life with flower vase Ambrosius of Boshart Sr., estimated at 400-600 thousand pounds.

«Daedalus, fastening the wings to his son Icarus» painted by Andrea Sacchi put up for auction with an estimate of 250-350 thousand pounds.