Zyuganov called the main goal of the incident in the Kerch Strait

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Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov called the main goal initiated by the Ukraine incident in the Kerch Strait the breakdown of the negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart Donald trump in the framework of the G20 summit.

Previously, trump has refused to hold bilateral talks with Putin at the summit G20. The American media put forward the version that the reason for the cancellation of the talks was the plea of the former trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, who admitted that he gave Congress a false statement on the negotiations between the Trump Organization and the representatives of Russia on the construction project in the Russian Federation «of trump tower». The trump explained the cancellation of the meeting the incident in the Kerch Strait. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov expressed regret this decision of the American leader.

Zyuganov called the actions of Ukraine in the Black sea provocation with far-reaching consequences.

«First of all, attempt to disrupt Putin’s talks with trump, which was to be held in the framework of the «twenty» — they were ripped off; to drive the wave of Russophobia — it is just now becoming rampant; to impose martial law… in the areas that are adjacent to the Russian Federation», — said Zyuganov journalists.

The actions of the Russian military Zyuganov called professional and reasonable.

Three ships of the Navy of Ukraine «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu» — November 25, violated the state border of Russia, included in the temporarily closed waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and moved from the Black sea to Kerch Strait. They maneuvered in a dangerous manner, did not obey the lawful demands of the Russian authorities. The Ukrainian ship with 24 sailors were arrested, three Ukrainian military were wounded, they are hospitalized and receive medical care, seafarers ‘ lives are not threatened. After the incident concerning them criminal case on illegal crossing of the state border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident a provocation, noting that among the crew members of the Ukrainian courts, violated the border of Russia, were two employees of the security service of Ukraine, who actually led the operation. Putin stressed that Russian border guards had performed their functions for the protection of the state border. According to him, the provocation in the Black sea tied to a low rating of the President of Ukraine ahead of the elections.

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