And so it goes: Poroshenko brought Ukraine to communal catastrophe

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in photomontage with the requirement to turn on the heating in cities of Ukraine at the Cabinet of Ministers in KievAnd so it goes: Poroshenko brought Ukraine to communal catastrophe© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

By early winter the debts of Ukrainians for housing and communal services reached 40 billion hryvnia. It only gets worse: in December, the citizens will receive the first bills for gas has risen in price by 23.5 percent. The utility understands: to pay the new rates are not as one, and then tighten the valve, you can now. As Ukraine failed the start of the heating season and warm during the coming winter — in the material RIA Novosti.

Fear and loathing in Kharkov

This spring, the Kyiv authorities are thinking about the next heating season and showed the townspeople the demo of what will happen with the whole country in six months.

In April, the Kyiv CHPP-5 and CHPP-6 with a total capacity of 1,200 megawatts were transferred to the «Kievteploenergo». «Naftogaz» immediately demanded from the new owner to repay the debts of the predecessor — «Kyivenergo». Outstanding debt in five billion company refused to recognize, and then «Naftogaz» just took it and closed the valve, so that the majority of Kiev took a contrast shower with cold and very cold water up to mid-October.

A month later, trouble came in other cities, among them Bold, Kryvyi Rih, Severodonetsk. In Smila (Cherkasy region) 68 of thousands of residents were left without heating for the same reason — local operator utility services «Energoinvest» debt to «Naftogaz» about 200 million hryvnias.

In Krivoy Rog the situation in General was on the brink of disaster: in sub-zero temperatures in their homes froze 300 thousand people. The heating also did not wait for 78 schools, 75 kindergartens, 22 hospitals and a military unit.

Now freeze Kharkov. The inaction of the public utilities complained a participant of the popular Ukrainian Duo 5’Nizza Sergey Babkin. In his Instagram, the musician told how he was shocked, having visited before parents.

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Kharkov! Rather, control the town! The whole day it’s snowing. The roads are not cleaned even once. Vehicles could go. Was driving, skidded so hard that he almost got killed! Was at my parents house. No hot water since August!!!!! Dear, are you serious? Maybe it is time to turn on?💡 With the first day of winter all of us! #Kharkov #Ukraine

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To reassure people, at least temporarily, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers issued a special decree prohibiting «Naftogaz» to disable and to limit the flow of gas utilities during the heating season.

In this situation the only thing left to do oil and gas companies is to supply fuel to utilities in debt, charging them interest and penalties and forcing Ukrainian utilities into bankruptcy.

Out of this situation there, because public utilities do not receive payments from users, many simply have no money. However, to block heat and gas to non-payers-natural persons, Ukrainian legislation does not prohibit.

But there is a problem of technical properties. If you turn off the electricity technically possible each defaulter, to shut off the flow of heat and gas into a separate apartment impossible. So, if after two warnings someone of their tenants does not extinguish debts, without heat or gas remains in the whole house.

It should be added that in the offices of «Ukrposhta» their entitlements receive up to 45% of the Ukrainian pensioners. So that the closure of post offices may lead to the fact that many elderly people simply left without pensions.

What to do in this situation — no one knows. So, the time has come for populist statements completely divorced from reality. In particular, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Yulia Tymoshenko called for an end to the killing of Ukrainians unreasonably high gas prices.

«We demand a vote on a draft resolution from the six factions to postpone the increase in gas prices and a moratorium on further rise in prices», – she wrote in on Facebook.

Tymoshenko added that the production cost of a cubic meter of fuel is just one hryvnia, while the rate for the population given the increase in price is 8.55 hryvnias.

However, experts believe that to reach self-sufficiency in natural gas in the most optimistic scenario the country will be able not earlier than ten years.

Yet, according to the head of the Board of «Naftogaz», the company is now buying European gas at an average of $ 300 per 1,000 cubic meters, that is 8.45 per cubic meter. It turns out that taking into account the costs of shipping the company operates at a loss.

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vulkanesti in fotoannunci the action dedicated to the anniversary of the events on the Maidan, burning flares and tires in KievAnd so it goes: Poroshenko brought Ukraine to communal catastrophe© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vulkanesti in fotoannunci the action dedicated to the anniversary of the events on the Maidan, burning flares and tires in Kiev

The situation in «Naftogaz» will be improved next year, when, in accordance with the requirements of the IMF, the tariffs for gas will rise to 11.8 per cubic meter. But for citizens of Ukraine, this increase will be another blow.

Now on the streets of Kiev, the authorities deploy a special tent for heating of the townspeople. Whether in these tents to warm up the whole country — the question is rather rhetorical.