«Don’t say thank you, and that’s okay»: a volunteer of the «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg

© Photo : courtesy of «Lisa Alert»Officer group Liza Alert. Archive photo«Don’t say thank you, and that’s okay»: a volunteer of the «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg© Photo : courtesy of «Lisa Alert»

Adults leave family and dreams of a quiet weekend and go into the woods in search of the missing stranger, who then, most likely, will not even call back. These people volunteer search and rescue unit «Lisa Alert».

On the day of the volunteer celebrated in Russia on December 5, the instructor of the school «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg Ekaterina Budakovskaya told RIA Novosti, as looking for runaway Teens, which volunteers do not gather in large companies and why the saved are rarely grateful for the help.

The most difficult to look for troubled Teens

The beginning of December for volunteers «Liza Alert» — relatively quiet off-season. Was autumn — time stray mushroom, following the hot season for the volunteers will begin with the may holidays.

«My first trip was in search of teenage girls who ran away from home in the Kaluga region and appeared in St. Petersburg», — says Ekaterina.

When the missing Teens, the volunteers of the unit in the first place start searching on the Internet: monitor social media groups, where Teens are invited to stay and «hang out».

«I was looking for their posts, messages, and each time it happened, I couldn’t keep girls around for the day. That is found the place of their location, but when he came, proved that the girls there have a day. In the end girlfriends «passed» the police in our orientation the trucker, when they decided to take off from St. Petersburg to Voronezh. Girls found in a week. In this job relatively quickly, sometimes the search lasts much longer. At this age it happens that two months do not live at home, hiding,» says Catherine.

There is a group of coordinators who go to the point where he had last seen the man, and from there unfold the user by search engines. A group of searchers — «hands, feet and eyes» of the squadron, they operate on the spot. With forest looking to search team joins team leader: a specially trained person who directs the movement of the searchers to the number of missing has not increased.

«By the way, none of our scouts in the woods not get lost even once! Sometimes it happens that navigation devices are failing due to magnetic anomalies, but then the whole group just removed from the forest,» says Catherine.

The organization employs staff members who communicate with the media. There are groups of short ring, where working people who can not go on a quest, but want to help the search engines.

«Such calls in the selected hospitals is only 20 minutes. By the way, very often we find missing people in hospitals. It so happens that in a Single Bureau of registration of accidents information on some patients is not provided, and the relatives of the missing are unable to obtain data about it. And we are using groups of short ring allow ourselves the luxury of a bell in every city and regional hospitals. Often «lost ones» there are» — said Catherine.

In addition to the search activities of the «Lisa Alert» has its own school. Her instructors conduct lessons in kindergartens and schools, both for children and for parents. Tell me how not to get lost and what to do if lost. The composition of volunteers is expanding, therefore, increases the need for training of beginners.

Instructors teach for free, there are crooks. In schools and gardens appear «employees» on behalf of the volunteers for classes take the money. «Lisa Alert» they have nothing, says Catherine.

«At the end of the forest season this year, we realized that there was a need not only to attract people to our ranks, but to train them. Beginners work with more experienced volunteers,» she says.

Not enough aircraft

To report a missing person, and seek help from volunteers immediately after the written statement to the police on the hotline number 8 800 700 54 52.

«There is not a widely known rule that to apply a missing persons report should be after only three days after his disappearance. There is no one normative document, which would restrict the circulation time. If the police Department refuse to accept the application, you can call 112 directly from this Department. Then you need to contact the «Lisa Alert». Once we had verified that the family indeed submitted an application to the police is a guarantee of serious intentions of the relatives of the missing, we immediately began to search,» said Catherine.

Organization «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg receives about 3-5 calls per day. Three of the five will address situations when a person went missing a week ago, but active search was not undertaken.

During this year the Petersburg branch of the «Liza Alert» received twice more applications to find people than last year — a total of 1.2 thousand appeals. «Our popularity is growing, and with it the number of volunteers,» said Catherine.

Among the future plans to negotiate with the authorities about the use of aircraft to determine the coordinates of the missing people. Volunteers also hope to negotiate with transport companies and metro to place in public transport orientations with the data missing.

One family

The statistics of successful searches of detachment is difficult to trace because in most cases it is the result of the joint law enforcement agencies work. «And sometimes it also happens that looking all night in the woods and marshes of the person to work late, got reprimanded, and the next morning it turns out that he sleeps at home,» smiles Catherine.

«There was a case this year when two «poteryashka», where we received a separate application, met by chance in the woods. One of them turned to go, he managed to describe the place where they were, and then we found this location on the map and came» — with a laugh she recalls.

In a failed search, she said, is impossible to adjust. «Failure is always worried. The most terrible human being in General. Even if you find someone dead, it is for the family still becomes, though bitter, but the emotional unloading. And when a man does not find, start a poking: and could I better do my job? It also happens that the worst expectations are confirmed. One day in Leningrad we were looking for a missing boy of ten. In the end, the police detained a man who confessed to the murder of a child. Deep down we knew that it was not in the boy somewhere about a month out. But still believed that the accident happened», — says Ekaterina.

In such situations everyone deals in their own way: someone is discussing with other volunteers, someone withdraws into himself. «We have tremendous support each other, we are all like one big family. The death of a missing person always becomes our shared grief», — the volunteer tells.

Bad signs

Informal meetings of volunteers are rare, to gather more than three volunteers «Liza Alert» — a bad omen.

«Don’t say thank you, and that’s okay»: a volunteer of the «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg© Photo : courtesy JI «Liza Alert»In Russia since the beginning of the year, the volunteers helped to find more than two thousand missing»If you’re a big company, be sure to claim the losses start to come. In addition, joint rest with us drinking alcohol is also contraindicated, suddenly need urgent departure, and to close a task no one», — says Ekaterina.

Communicate with volunteers mostly in chat rooms, in online communication, too, there are unspoken taboos. For example, in chat you can not upload photos of food.

«If someone threw a photo report on nalovlennyh fish, collected berries, then you were in trouble. Somehow one of the volunteers sent to the «chat-shoutbox» photograph of six jars of jam, which was brewed from its berries. On the same day received six applications for forest search, just the number of jars,» says Catherine.

© Photo : archive of search and rescue unit «Lisa Alert»Volunteer group «Lisa Alert» in Saint-Petersburg«Don’t say thank you, and that’s okay»: a volunteer of the «Lisa Alert» in St. Petersburg© Photo : archive of search and rescue unit «Lisa Alert»Volunteer group «Lisa Alert» in Saint-Petersburg

There are more fun tradition: upon successful completion of the search the volunteers are dancing.

«When people find the feeling is almost incomparable. This is comparable to the feeling when the first time you see your newborn child. Crazy euphoria… When I first found the man, I was shaking like I was frozen solid. You saved a human life simply because decided not to sit at home,» says Catherine.

Saved people do not love to communicate with those volunteers who found them. «Few people like to think about the terrible events of his life. Nobody, with rare exceptions, then do not call back to say thank you. And it’s okay,» laughs Catherine.

Voluntary search group «Lisa Alert» is a non – profit Association whose main task prompt response and civic assistance in the search for missing people. JI «Liza Alert» was established on 14 October 2010. The organization is named in memory of the dead from hypothermia in the woods girl Lisa Fomkina. She went for a walk with my aunt and got lost. The child was looking for 10 days and did not have time just for one day. After this tragedy, a group of people created the group of volunteers «Liza Alert».