«I wanted to make a vegetable.» In Nizhnevartovsk ex-accountant force closed in the mental hospital where she previously worked

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotoreceptori ambulance«I wanted to make a vegetable.» In Nizhnevartovsk ex-accountant force closed in the mental hospital where she previously worked© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Former chief accountant of the Nizhnevartovsk psychoneurological dispensary Elena Yatsenko unexpectedly became a patient of the institution in which previously worked. According to the woman, it was taken from the apartment by force without a court order and a warrant broke down the door, brought to the clinic and kept there for a week. In the institution adhere to other version: ex-employee allegedly been suffering from alcohol addiction, and she called the doctors. It managed to pull out from the world, assure the doctors.

Investigative bodies have begun check. Yatsenko’s lawyer seeks criminal case. He hints that Elena could be in the nuthouse by chance: ten years she worked there accountant had access to all financial records and knows about certain violations in the activities of the clinic.

Twisted as a criminal

Yatsenko resigned from the dispensary in August of this year. In a telephone conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti she explained that did not work with the chief physician Olga Gebelik and permanent conflict stress. Against this background, says Elena, she developed a disease associated with severe swelling of the larynx. I had to take prednisone.

«The dosage was huge: 15 pills a day, three times a day. The drugs many side effects. I have a deformed face, changed gait, and once even started bleeding in the stomach. Was taken to surgery. Then I was examined and the doctors suspected cancer of the blood. Thank God, the diagnosis was not confirmed. In the summer, while in Sochi, I realized that health is more important to me, and decided to quit. The thought that I will have to contact the management, fills me with horror. I sent my application by mail in the same envelope received their work book», — says Elena.

According to her, after that she felt much better. «I lived a happy life, stopped thinking about the clinic and those stressful situations around me,» — says the interviewee. However, the clinic reminded myself about myself November 26, when her back was urgently hospitalized. According to the version of Elena for no reason.

«In the second half of the day broke people. Broke down the door, overpowered me, and brought out of the apartment. Was in a medical uniform, but had no help. They rang the doorbell, and immediately hacked it. No conversations with me were not,» she continues.

Anastasia didn’t believe heard and asked for a meeting with her mother. But was refused, which explained: «Meeting with her daughter may adversely affect the emotional state of Helena.» In the end, Nastya was not able to speak to mom for almost a week.

«How can I influence negatively on the mother? I brought medicine, without which she can’t. But the passport and other documents left at home. And then began to look for help,» continues the story of Anastasia.

She also said that Elena did not drink strong alcohol because it takes strong medicine — this combination could easily kill her. But shortly before the daughter left home, his mother came to visit a friend. She brought a few bottles of beer, offered a drink and «talk».

«We all suffer»

Representatives of mental hospital (MHP) give a diametrically opposed version. The chief doctor of the clinic Olga Gebelik told RIA Novosti that Elena calling from your phone in the waiting room, said dying. And then, said the doctor, his speech was incoherent, it was impossible to tell.

In addition, according to the doctor, Yatsenko already had two hospitalizations in March and in June. «Both times she was being treated voluntarily for alcohol dependence, but anonymously. Elena was an employee, claims to it arose. We wanted to help her adapt to it with no issues. After the second statement she has not been able to return to work. Then she was taken to the hospital with gastric bleeding. I told the doctor that the bleeding was alcohol-related,» claims Gebelik.

She added that earlier,. was treated by the Deputy chief doctor Oleg Grinchenko, he helped her hospitalized in the Department on 26 November. «He called an ambulance, asked to deliver Elena in the IPA. To us, she brought in 18:06. As it was taken, who did it, we don’t know,» said Gawelek.

The doctor said that Yatsenko to be in the clinic did not like her treatment is not provided, the patient just talked to the psychologists. «I have records: at the time of admission to us she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication in psychomotor agitation. I’m very sorry that it happened. I suffer, all employees are going through. We tried to observe ethics. She said that agrees to be treated, but not here. Wrote a refusal. We have complied with all the terms established by law: from 26 November to third December. Once the court let her go» — the report of the physician.

Her Deputy Oleg Grinchenko confirmed that the hospital acted within the legal framework. Other questions were answered evasively.

Drunk only in words

Anastasia Yatsenko by the lawyer Murad Osmanov turned to the investigation Department of Nizhnevartovsk. The girl wrote a statement about the unlawful retention by the mother. The Ottomans told RIA Novosti that investigators have begun to examine. In the regional Department of the investigative Committee confirmed this information, adding that checks the legality of actions of police officers and IPA.

«It was pulled from the apartment in Slippers and home clothes, broke down the door, left the house without supervision. In principle, any passerby can get in and commit theft,» argues the lawyer. The Ottomans also points to the numerous violations in the course of the proceedings. First, before trial he had no opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the claim. The IPA tried to communicate with the doctor, but «the contact did not go, citing the secrecy of the patient».

«Representatives of the center have provided the court only the conclusion of the Commission: it says that Elena was taken to the hospital in severe stage of alcoholic intoxication. It was explained that on the background of prolonged use of alcohol allegedly had mental and behavioral disorders. But it was all in words. The documents indicate that she took blood and urine tests, but the results of the court doctors did not provide. As acts of examination. Didn’t even answer me, is there such a document in the nature,» — explains the lawyer.

The Ottomans adds: during the meeting, he asked questions to the representatives of the dispensary, trying to figure out how there is such a severe disease? «Grinchenko said, through a long and systematic use of alcohol. He confirmed that Elena was in charge of the accountant and resigned in August. That it was in the drinking bouts and was treated by working them, said. But is it possible to get such a diagnosis, which she wrote, since she quit? To this question he also could not answer. And the desire to commit suicide not heard», lists the lawyer.

There is no answer to the question of how the doctors were going to treat Yatsenko within two months (the doctors asked the court to coordinate the involuntary hospitalization of Helen for 60 days). The court, however, ruled that the woman in hospitalization is not needed, and sent her home.

At the disposal of edition there are the copies of all court documents in the case of Yatsenko. So, the statement of claim filed on 28 November. The court appointed a preliminary hearing in the form of conversation of 30 November, and then extended his stay Elena at the hospital before the third of December. But the materials have interesting circumstances: the doctors of the clinic have concluded that, Yatsenko for health reasons may not be in the courtroom, so the trial was moved to the building of the clinic.

«I have plenty of witnesses who saw that I was awake, sane, walked through the house, through the corridors, never drunk. Now I find it funny, and then being in the house together with the disabled, I frantically went through version: why I closed? I even thought that I want to do a vegetable, but was trying to understand how I can hurt?» — protected Elena Yatsenko.

Know that it is not necessary

In Nizhnevartovsk the public after this story became public, immediately drew attention to the following caveat: the fact that the chief physician of the mental hospital Gebelik Olga, the wife of the town mayor Vasily Tikhonov. The head of the Nizhnevartovsk — General of police, previously worked as a Deputy chief of Police KHMAO. Perhaps that is why the conflict is so much attention. According to local media, the Deputy of the state Duma of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district Andrey Milyaev already appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and the County Commissioner for human rights in Yugra, with a request to conduct an audit.

The lawyer of the Ottomans, meanwhile, shares information from their sources that will verify the result: according to him, the security forces were materials of check of the financial activities of the IPA. «Most likely, we are talking about the paid services provided by the institution. I can assume that the investigators wish to obtain any explanation from Yatsenko, because in ten years she learned a lot and can testify. It is not excluded that some of her recognition could prevent the work of the IPA. However, none of this is not saying exactly the investigation will check everything,» says the lawyer.

In addition, he says, was not in the court important witness — the same friend who brought the beer to the apartment Yatsenko. «I talked to her, she said she does not want to participate in this case. But in a private conversation out of her mouth flew this sentence: «I promised that anywhere my name is not will glow!» I began to ask her, but she hesitated and evaded. I have the feeling that specially came to visit with alcohol. They only had a bottle. If podgadat time and do the test right, it will show intoxication, though not heavy. Yes and the door was cracked exactly after the daughter left home. These circumstances need to be tested separately», — marks the end of the Ottomans.