In Omsk check the gymnasium, where the mother of a student said about the persecution of the son of teachers

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Unitunicate in photobanks desks in the classroom. Archival photoIn Omsk check the gymnasium, where the mother of a student said about the persecution of the son of teachers© RIA Novosti / Anton to Unitunicate the image Bank

The Ministry of education of the Omsk region declared the official checks in the gymnasium №62 of the regional center and the subsequent managerial decisions in connection with the conflict between the eighth grader and the teachers, who, according to her mother, made fun of the child.

The journalist from Omsk Natalia Graf this week wrote on his page on the social network Facebook on school conflict involving her son, an eighth-grader. According to her, child during snow removal on the street felt ill and went home after that class teacher directly in the classroom scolded the student and, suspecting that the boy writes it on tape, he promised to «sue». According to the Graph, the teacher and the school Director, whom she has complained, demanding an apology and setting the child against the other students and their parents, literally hounded the teenager, and he had a nervous breakdown. Mother offered to take son to another school.

«The actions of the school will give an appropriate assessment will be to figure out what was the root cause of this behavior. In the educational organization initiated a service check, the results of which will be relevant management decisions», — stated in the news comments of the Ministry of education of the Omsk region. In addition, a test will hold and the Prosecutor’s office.

The Ministry noted that the school «has serious issues», as such a situation must resolve it at the school level.

«But when the administration and teachers can not hear, not feel children, conflicts can take ugly forms, and parents are vulnerable to such behavior and attitude. Interests of the child must come first in this story, his emotional state and wishes is now a priority», — noted in the regional Ministry of education.

Authorities reported that the mother of the child has already met with the Minister of education of the Omsk region Tatyana turf and the Ombudsman for children under the Governor of Elizabeth the Stepan’s, where it was decided that the child, the teachers of the school and other children will work psychologists to successfully get the boy back to the team. While the change schools out of the question, said the Ministry.

«The Ministry of education of Omsk region will be developed the algorithm of actions of the legal representatives of the children if the educational organization is not fulfilling its obligations under the resolution of internal conflict situations «student-student» and «pupil-teacher», — said in the Ministry.