In Paris, 13 people were accused of looting the arc de Triomphe

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in fotoannunci protest action of motorists yellow jackets, who are demanding lower taxes on fuel, near the arc de Triomphe in Paris. Archival photoIn Paris, 13 people were accused of looting the arc de Triomphe© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

The Paris Prosecutor’s office has indicted 13 suspects in the looting of the Museum the arc de Triomphe in protest of the «yellow jackets», the newspaper Figaro, citing the Prosecutor of Paris.

According to the newspaper, the Prosecutor’s office has opened a case of «the looting of the Museum the arc de Triomphe, the illegal invasion of the territory of historical places, part of a group of persons in causing damage to buildings, destruction, theft and possession of stolen goods».

It is reported that three people remanded in custody before the trial, ten of them are placed under judicial control.

«In the present case, the investigation aimed at the establishment of other involved persons», — said the Prosecutor’s office.

Previously, the newspaper reported that one of the main attractions of Paris — arc de Triomphe — was at the center of the riots. The bullies wrote on the monument with various inscriptions, including calls for the resignation of the President of Emmanuel Macron. According to the President of the Center for national monuments Philip Balabala, who leads the newspaper, vandals caused significant damage to the exhibition halls of the Museum the triumphal arch, destroyed some of the statues. Belaval, believes that the damage can be up to one million euros. After the incident of the riots arc de Triomphe was closed to the public.

Perturbed by increasing the tax on fuel from January 1, 2019, and after him in petrol prices, the French have come out to protest across the country on November 17. The protest movement is called «yellow jackets» — for the main attribute drivers — yellow reflective tabard. The main requirement of the «yellow jackets» was the decline in gasoline prices. However, later members of the movement noted that they are generally against the introduction of new taxes in the country.

Protests in France was accompanied by clashes of protesters with the police, pogroms and arsons of cars, destruction of shops, banks. During the protests, four people were killed and hundreds were injured.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced a series of measures to calm the situation in the country, in particular on the introduction of a six-month moratorium on increase of taxes on fuel.