In the Jewish Autonomous region initiated a case after the poisoning of visitors of the cafe

© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian federalassembly the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Archive photoIn the Jewish Autonomous region initiated a case after the poisoning of visitors of the cafe© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

A consequence of the results of check criminal case after the poisoning 27 people in a cafe in the village of Leninskoye in Jewish Autonomous region, reports the SUCK of the Russian Federation in the region.

The investigation found that from 1 to 11 October this year after visiting the cafe «Autumn» in the Leninsky was hospitalized 27 people, including five children, with a diagnosis of salmonellosis. After the poisoning of visitors of the check led of SK, the Prosecutor’s office and CPS. The investigation claims that the services on the organization of nutrition in the café were provided with violation of sanitary-epidemiological norms.

«A criminal case under article «performance of works or rendering services not meeting safety requirements», — is spoken in the message.

In turn, the regional Prosecutor’s office upheld the initiation of proceedings. «Taken SUCK Russia on EAO decision about excitation of criminal case is recognized as the Prosecutor of Leninsky district Pavel Fokin lawful and justified, the investigation of the criminal case is on control of Prosecutor’s office of area», — stated in the message.

The Prosecutor’s office established that the work in the café allowed people without medical examination and occupational hygiene certification. Revealed facts of sale of food products with expired shelf life, products with damaged packaging and without documents confirming their quality and safety.

It is noted that, in relation to a Prosecutor’s office filed two cases on administrative offences under articles «violation of the legislation in the field of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population» and «violation of requirements of technical regulations». At the request of the Prosecutor, the owner was fined 30 thousand rubles.

In addition, it is reported that Rospotrebnadzor at the EAO in respect of the individual entrepreneur opened an administrative case under article «violation of sanitary-epidemiological requirements to the organization of nutrition», the review of which activities the cafe are suspended. Currently the café is closed.