In the Russian Orthodox Church announced plans to build two new temples in Thailand

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Belenky Portrait of king Rama IX in the Orthodox Church in Bangkok. Archival photoIn the Russian Orthodox Church announced plans to build two new temples in Thailand© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Belenky

The mission of the Foundation and the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand plan if it is obtained the Patriarch’s blessing, to build two new Orthodox churches in addition to the ten already operating in the country churches and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, said Wednesday in Bangkok, head of representation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand Archimandrite Oleg (Cherepanin).

«We now have a community grow. We already acute problem of the need of the second temple in Phuket because the island of Phuket stretches for 50 kilometers, and due to the abundance of transport there is constant traffic jams. It is very difficult to reach the temple and it is located in Thalang district, close to the airport, that is just on the edge of the island, and from 50 kilometers to another region», — told reporters the Russian father Oleg.

«The Church is hierarchical. Individual communities can’t make decisions by themselves, because the thirty-ninth Rule of the Holy Apostles, one of the fundamental rules of life Church, says: «the Presbyter, deacon Yes do nothing without the reasoning of the Bishop.» That is, we have to report our swedenconsulate the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. And that’s when the blessing for a particular venture of his Holiness the Patriarch, we are able to do something,» said the head of representation of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He added that the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand considered in the future construction of another temple in Bangkok, but it is connected with the big material inputs and resources.

«What we can do now to ease the tension, here, you see, we begin to attach here to the main temple of the blessed virgin Church. This will give us the opportunity to make two services a day, because there is a Church rule that prohibits the Commission of two divine liturgies on the same throne, a symbol of the uniqueness of the sacrifice of Christ. That is, a priest can make only one divine Liturgy only on one throne in one day,» — said father Oleg.

Another problem of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand will have to decide in the near future is the problem of local personnel, he said.

«There comes a time when we are growing we feel the necessity of a local clergy, the clergy of the Thai people. Did you see today that the Orthodox Thais are becoming more and more. At Sunday services, they now account for up to half the congregation, while the remaining half is divided into Russian and English,» — said father Oleg.

«Naturally, in the country of permanent residence required of local pastors, and in this sense there is a great shortage of personnel. Referring to the training, we opened in Phuket Spiritually-educational center, a religious school, where we prepare Thai students», — said the head of the representative office of the ROC.

The school Thai students study Christianity, music, the Orthodox culture, he said.

«The challenge now is to adapt the system of education in the theological school to the General education of the Russian Orthodox Church. Calling secular language, need accreditation, certification, because we in the Church common standards of theological education,» — said father Oleg.

The school works only the second year, and all of the curriculum while only are developed, he continued, noting that in the near future the school can be established using the system of remote learning via the Internet. It is also likely the direction of Thai students to study in the spiritual-educational institutions of Russia.

«However, I repeat, the more and more evident the need to have an educational center here in Thailand, because we are so different, non-intersecting cultures and traditions, and the General perception of the world that sometimes Thais who come to study in Russia, can not stand this cultural demolition,» — said father Oleg.

The first Orthodox parish Saint Nicholas, opened in the capital of Thailand in 1999 by decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). Currently in Thailand there are ten churches and parishes of the Russian Orthodox churches, one monastery and one religious school. In addition to the priests, the Russians in several churches now serve the priests-the Thais, who received spiritual education in Russia.