In the Ukraine predicted the consequences of the Russian business

© AFP 2018 / Sergei Irphe Independence square in Kiev. Archival photoIn the Ukraine predicted the consequences of the Russian business© 2018 AFP / Sergei Supinsky

The withdrawal of the Russian business in Ukraine threatens citizens with loss of jobs, said former member of Parliament Anna Herman in the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

Earlier Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has sent a letter to Petro Poroshenko NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov with a proposal to introduce «to private individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation of personal special economic and other restrictive measures». In particular, he called for the freezing of assets of Russian representatives in the country.

«I think we need to attract investors — what you want. Money has no boundaries. The money is invested in Ukraine, work in Ukraine and employ Ukrainians. If we return, it will mean only one thing — that people will lose jobs. For those Russian companies that operate in Ukraine, do not bring people from the Kremlin, that they worked, and take the local residents. These people work there — that’s all,» Herman said.

«For me, the question is, to be better people, not to prove that we are anti-Russian. I understand that the main slogan of this campaign — «away from Moscow» (the slogan of social advertising Poroshenko. — Approx. ed.) but I would like the main slogan was «get away from want», not «away from Moscow», and «away from poverty, away from poverty, away from the humiliation by the authorities». And a slogan will have effect, and then people will vote», — she concluded.