In Vyborg launched the fishing trawlers to the Arkhangelsk tralflot

© Photo : press service of the Governor and the government of the Arkhangelsk oblastyami the launching of the trawler in the Barents sea in VyborgIn Vyborg launched the fishing trawlers to the Arkhangelsk tralflot© Photo : press service of the Governor and the government of the Arkhangelsk region

At Vyborg shipyard on Wednesday launched the trawler-processor КМТ01 of the project «Barents sea», built for the JSC «Arkhangelsk trawl fleet», reported the press service of the Governor and government of the Arkhangelsk region.

As noted by the General Director of the plant Alexander Solovyov, the boat is ready by about 65 percent, and the remaining part of the work will be done on the water.

«For us it has become a good tradition — to see the ship under construction, when it is the first time should come into contact with the environment in which they have to work. In the process, changes were made in the equipment. The ship was much better equipped, more modern than originally planned. Nevertheless we all is going according to schedule. The ship will be commissioned in the fall of 2019,» — are reported words of Solovyov.

Trawler «Barents sea», — head in a series of four ships constructed at the Vyborg shipbuilding plant by order of the Arkhangelsk trawler fleet. All vessels will be equipped with modern trawl complex of the last generation, and a factory for fish processing. Without going into the port, right on the ship can make fillet, fish oil, fish meal and canned goods.

The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov, who was present at the ceremony, congratulated the plant employees on the big labor victory.

«This is a historic event! Before us is a modern, highly equipped vessel. I am a long time and he was building ships, so I am well aware that today we are talking about the birth of the vessel. Now you teach him «walk», put him in certain knowledge and skills. You are pioneers in solving difficult tasks related to the revival of the fishing fleet, which put the President of Russia. We, Archangelsk, really looking forward to this ship coming to us for the anniversary of the trawl fleet. We have a great location in the centre of the city Red Wharf, where you can celebrate this holiday» — the press service quoted the head of the region.

Trawler «Barents sea» is built thanks to the program «investment quota», involving the placement of orders for fishing vessels at domestic shipyards. In total, the program is expected to build 100 new fishing vessels. This, according to analysts, will attract about 200 billion rubles of investments and will contribute to the upgrade of the domestic fleet.