Le Pen advised Him to talk to the «yellow jackets»

© AFP 2018 / Thomas Imapdefault the National Assembly of France from the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais, marine Le Pen. Archival photoLe Pen advised Him to talk to the «yellow jackets»© 2018 AFP / Thomas Samson

The leader of the French right-wing party «National Union», a candidate for the presidency in 2017, marine Le Pen advises the President of France Emmanuel Makron to meet with representatives of the «yellow jackets», who are preparing a new protest on Saturday, December 8.

«I want to give advice to the President of the Republic: a talk with «yellow jackets», not hide in the Elysee Palace, do not ask others to do what the French expect of you. Talk to them, talk to Saturday,» said Le Pen told reporters. Her speech was broadcast live on TV channel BFMTV.

The politician believes that the words of the French President is able to calm the situation, unless, of course, representatives of the movement will be heard.

The protest movement of the so-called «yellow jackets», the speakers, in particular, against the increase in gasoline prices began in France on November 17. Mass protests accompanied by clashes of protesters with the police, pogroms and arsons of cars, destruction of shops, banks. During the protests, four people were killed and hundreds were injured. On Tuesday, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced a series of measures to calm the situation in the country, in particular on the introduction of a six-month moratorium on increase of taxes on fuel.