Leading «Russia 1» explain why expelled Ukrainian expert

TV presenter Yevgeny Popov in his Instagram said, why was expelled from the Studio of the program «60 minutes» on TV channel «Russia 1» Ukrainian political analyst Maxim Yali.

According to him, the expert, trying to prove the «inevitability of Russian aggression in Ukraine», allowed himself a dubious assertion. The presenter asked him about the sources of information, but received in response to the popular Pro-government Ukrainian expert community «according to some» or «according to experts».

After that, the host Yali said that, «according to some reports,» his name is Igor, to demonstrate the nullity of the argument. Thus, according to him, then passed peacefully and intelligently, without insults.

«As you can see, Maxim has decided otherwise,» said Popov, saying that this time the opponent is decided in response to the last argument to be called by another name, and was immediately removed.

«The rudeness we have in the Studio – zero tolerance. Healthy irony and humor – welcome», concluded Popov.
Sparring in the air

Speaking, Yali spoke about the alleged Russian interference in the situation in Ukraine. Resulting in one of the «arguments» he turned to Popov and called it a false name.

«Especially for you, Athanasius, repeat…», he said.

Popov did not like the treatment the analyst.

«What did you call me?» he asked several times.


The journalist later told RIA Novosti about his vision of what happened.

Popov called this long-playing story. «It is no coincidence he is now gone, although it was polite, intelligent, as we love, we have the same institutional transfer», — he said.

In fact, according to the journalist, they analyst «not to quarrel». «It’s some kind of chosen tactics «podmenik,» which he professes of ether into the ether, and she’s tired,» — said Popov.

The journalist said that when it was not about personalities and not turn into rudeness, «then God be with him, the main thing — to hear his position as a Ukrainian expert».

This time the behavior Yali left him no choice but to ask the guest to leave the Studio, concluded Popov.

Russian journalists regularly face the rudeness of invited experts on the air. In October on NTV host of «the meeting Place» Andrey Norkin has forced the writer Alexander Nikonov to leave the Studio after he made unflattering comments about the mother of the journalist, and a month earlier — the Ukrainian expert Pavel Zhovnirenko, the entire transmission prebivalstvo norkina.