Movie premieres of the week: «the House that Jack built» and «Reserve»

© Fotolia / DeklofenakЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoMovie premieres of the week: «the House that Jack built» and «Reserve»© Fotolia / Deklofenak

New cult film of Danish Director Lars von Trier’s «the House that Jack built» about a serial killer, the film Anna matison «Reserve» based on the novel by Sergei Dovlatov, fantasy «the Nutcracker and the Four kingdoms» and the epic Saga from the producer of Peter Jackson’s «Chronicles of prey of the cities» will be able to see the Russian audience this week.

The house that Jack built

Cult Danish Director Lars von Trier presented his new film «the House that Jack built» in the competition program of the Cannes film festival. The Director appeared in Cannes in 2018 for the first time in 7 years in 2011 Trier was announced on the festival persona non grata for his remarks about sympathizing with Adolf Hitler.

The film tells the story of an incredibly intelligent serial killer in the 70-ies in America. The plot is built around five incidents spanning 12 years of his life. The viewer experiences the story from the point of view of Jack, for whom a murder is a delicate work of art. The main role in the film was played by Matt Dillon, Shiwan Fallon, Riley Kio, Sophie Grobel, Bruno Ganz. Uma Thurman played one of the victims of annoying fellow traveler maniac, inventive eerily.

«For years I made films about good women, it’s time to make a movie about an evil man» – said Lars von Trier.

«The film has an absolutely fascinating and horrifying finale, the audience hit when it premiered at Cannes,» wrote the Guardian.


Movie premiere of Anna matison «Reserve» based on the novel by Sergei Dovlatov was in the main competition program of the Russian film festival «Kinotavr». Presenting the picture, the Director said that she really wanted to make a film about grown-up love, and hoped that this worked out well. The main role in the film played husband Mathison, actor Sergei Bezrukov, he also became the producer of the film.

Bezrukov noted that thanks to this film, he has acquired a huge number of friends. «We have in the episodes I play a lot of famous artists, they have agreed to play free of charge,» said the actor. Role in the film played by Eugene Kregzde, Anna Mikhalkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Alexander Semchev, Maria Bogdanovich, Dmitry Khrustalev, Viktor Bychkov, Sonia Evstigneeva, Yaroslav Degtyarev, Alexander Tyutin, Polina Gagarin, Leonid Agutin.

The original name of the film «Pushkin. Whiskey. Rock-n-roll», but at the last moment, the creators renamed it. The action of the novel Dovlatov moved to the present day. The protagonist of the film Constantine (Bezrukov) — songwriter and virtuoso guitarist, escapes from the problems that have accumulated in the reserve «Mikhailovskoye». Kostya long ago lost all ways of earning, almost desperate to be heard and lives out of inertia, often leaning on alcohol. Wife and daughter going to go to Canada, in his mind endlessly spinning questions: «What went wrong? How to fix it?». Maybe Constantine and strong enough to try to change, but he strongly suspects that there for what and for whom to try.

The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms

The Disney fantasy Directors Lasse Hallstrom and Joe Johnston based on the fairy tale by Ernst Hoffmann «the Nutcracker and the Mouse king» and the ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

«Throughout its history the story has undergone significant changes. Version of Alexander Dumas was less scary and subsequently formed the basis of the ballet, the music for which was written by the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. This music always fascinated me. And the ballet is unique, it evolves with each stage goes up after the creative genius of the people who created it. And we followed their example. We added the story,» Hallstrom quotes a press-service of the company-seller of the film.

The main character Clara, played by Mackenzie Foy, experiencing a loss, her mother died, but left for Christmas gifts for their children. Clara went to the box, which leads her to a parallel world of the Four Kingdoms. The role of Philip Hoffman — animated wooden soldier Nutcracker — performed Jaden Favora night, keira Knightley played the sugar plum fairy. Choreographic studies were performed by the internationally renowned dancer Sergei Polunin in the role of cavalier Sweets and American ballet star misty Copeland.

Chronicles of prey cities

Producer Peter Jackson presents a new epic Saga «the Chronicles of predatory cities» series of best-selling Philip Reeve. The film became Christian rivers – winner of the Oscar for visual effects for the blockbuster «king Kong». According to rivers, who has worked with Jackson as an artist, offer to take the Director’s chair «was like a bolt from the blue».

In the film, it took several centuries after the cataclysm that destroyed civilization. The main character Hester Shaw (Gera hit) seems to be the only one who can stop London – a giant carnivorous city on wheels, sweeping away everything in its path. She manages to enlist the support of expelled from London Tom NetSuite (Robert Sheehan) and dangerous mercenary Anna Fang (Jihae), which promised a reward for the head of Esther.

According to Jackson, the basis of any filmed story is humanity, and «otherwise why bother»? Such problem was put before the Director. No matter how insane and fantastic nor was it creates the world it must inhabit creatures that the viewer easily understands and who empathizes.