ROC celebrated the national holiday of Thailand worship in the Thai language

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The representation of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Orthodox community in Thailand is celebrated the national holiday, the birthday of the king Phumiphon Adulyadet (Rama IX), the service, which was held in Russian, English and Thai languages in the Church of St. Nicholas in Bangkok.

Liturgy and Church singing in the Thai language was first performed this day in the main Church of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand.

Birthday who passed away in October 2016 king Phumiphon Adulyadet, who reigned 70 years, is the National day of Thailand and the Thai father’s Day and widely celebrated in the country.

«The whole history of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand is associated with the reign of the great king Phumiphon Adulyadej, Rama IX. Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Foundation of the Russian Orthodox Church was opened in Thailand during his reign, and all currently operating Russian Orthodox churches in the country were also built during this period,» said Svetinikolska gathered in the temple on Wednesday, the congregation head of representative office of ROC in Thailand Archimandrite Oleg (Cherepanin).

«According to the Constitution of Thailand, the monarch is the patron of all religions. Here today are a few of our brothers and sisters who remember the lives of Russians in Thailand before coming to this country the Russian Orthodox Church. It was a time of longing of the spirit, when man, nurtured in Orthodoxy could not exercise its right of recourse to God in prayer, as did his grandparents and great-grandparents and how they taught it. This right is realized for all of us here thanks to the patronage which rendered all religious communities in the country the late monarch,» said the head of representation of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The service, dedicated to the memory of king Phumiphon Adulyadet, Svetinikolska the Church gathered as the Russian-speaking and English-speaking Orthodox, living in Bangkok and Orthodox Thais.

«The number of Thais receiving the Orthodoxy, is constantly growing. At Sunday services Thai Orthodox now constitute at least half of the parishioners of Saint Mykola Church in Bangkok, and a considerable part of the parishioners in our churches,» he told Russian journalists after the service, Archimandrite Oleg.

During the Liturgy, the hymns and prayers performed in the Church choir alternately with the representative of ROC in Thailand, singing in Church Slavonic, and the choir of the Orthodox center of religious education, or religious school open in 2016 on the island of Phuket. The second choir consisted of Thai listeners to religious school and they sang in Thai.

After the service there was held a joint luncheon of the clergy and laity, and then in the temple there was a concert whose program was Church hymns and secular choral compositions performed by the choir of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand in Church Slavonic, Russian and Thai languages, as well as performance living and working in Phuket Russian pianist, composer and singer Ivan Sharapova.

Sharapov has played several world famous jazz songs of the king Phumiphon Adulyadet and music, who loved to listen to the late monarch, including the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff. The music of the late king were played at the concert and performed by one of the choristers of the choir of the Russian Orthodox Church who played guitar and sang in the original English version of the Blues Candle Light (candle Light), the authorship of music and lyrics which belongs to king Rama IX.

Accompanied by a choral group solo was made by the mother Mary, the wife of the rector of the Church of the ascension on Koh Samui is the father of Alexis (Golovin), a graduate of the Regents ‘ faculty of the St. Petersburg theological Academy, who performed songs Church songs in his own translation in Thai language for the music of his own composition.

The first Orthodox parish Saint Nicholas, opened in the capital of Thailand in 1999 by decision of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. Now in Thailand there are ten churches and parishes of the Russian Orthodox churches, one monastery and one religious school. In addition to the priests, the Russians in several churches serve the priests-the Thais, who received spiritual education in Russia.