Seven candidates will compete for mayor of Yaroslavl city Duma session

© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Cerebrate in fotobounce on the old part of Yaroslavl. Archival photoSeven candidates will compete for mayor of Yaroslavl city Duma session© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Cerebrate the image Bank

Elections of the mayor of Yaroslavl will be held on Wednesday, deputies Gordumy will choose from seven candidates for the post of mayor.

The mayor of Yaroslavl became vacant after the departure of Vladimir Sleptsova in early October. Acting mayor was appointed Vladimir Volkov, who held before a post of the mayor of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Mayoral elections are held in the form of tender procedures: first special Commission checked the accuracy and completeness of submitted information, and now everything will be decided by voting members at the meeting on 5 December.

«In the elections will participate seven candidates,» — said RIA Novosti Chairman of the city Duma of Yaroslavl Arthur Efremov.

In the competition for mayor will be attended by the teacher of Alexander Bokarev, the acting mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Volkov, a former member of the municipality of editor Alexander Simon, a local journalist and radio host Daniel Badaev, the former Deputy of regional Duma Sergey Balabaev, the engineer Dmitry Gavrilov, and Deputy head of the Yaroslavl military school of air defense Vladlen Kislov.