The analyst believes that Kiev will put pressure on UOC until a ban

© AFP 2018 / Genya SavilovПатриарх Filaret (the Patriarch of the non-canonical Church structures of Ukraine) during a prayer service. Archival photoThe analyst believes that Kiev will put pressure on UOC until a ban© 2018 AFP / Genya Savilov

After «uniting» Church, the Cathedral, the Ukrainian authorities will continue the pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church until its total ban, believes the Russian political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday declared that «the unification» Church Council held on December 15 in Kyiv. The Church is expected to proclaim the establishment of the Autocephalous local Orthodox Church in Ukraine, approve its Charter and elect the Primate. The project Charter was approved at the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from 27 to 29 November. However, judging by the publications, the new Church will be strongly limited in the rights — will not be able to decide important questions, to canonize saints, to cook the chrism for the sacrament of confirmation. The effect on Ukraine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is completely Autonomous and takes decisions independently.

Dependent Church

Recent statements once again prove that the creation of a «new Ukrainian Church» is a political project of Petro Poroshenko and the ruling elite of the country, although under the Constitution the President has no right to interfere in religious Affairs, Tretyakov told RIA Novosti.

«This is a political campaign, long-planned. Practised in Ukraine, the elite ruling class at least since the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko. Everything evolves in this scenario. This is a political operation, it is associated with expulsion of Russia, Russian, Russian Orthodoxy from the territory of Ukraine is obvious. Same thing happens regarding the Russian language, Russian culture. This is a purely nationalist Bandera spill ideology and strategy», — said the expert.

Active role in the Poroshenko confirms the political nature of the «new Church,» said Tretyakov.

«Then the most active – to the extent that Poroshenko agrees (Constantinople) on the idea of autocephaly, pushing the idea of Association and even announces, when will this all-Ukrainian Congress. Participation in the special services of Ukraine, the numerous facts of pressure on the clergy – yet another confirmation that it is a political project. To God he has little» — said the analyst.

At the same time, he noted, for the Orthodox of Ukraine from among the supporters of independence from the Moscow Patriarchate will blow that they will not have their own Patriarch – and this despite the fact that now they have self-proclaimed Patriarch Filaret is a schismatic, who anathematized.

«The head of the «new Church» will be only Metropolitan. What is the status below (the Patriarch). Metropolitans much any Orthodox Church. And the Patriarch can only be one. There is the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Church, the Serbian Church, and there will be only Metropolitan. That is no real independence, the independence of the «new Church» do not. Whether this is the independence and autocephaly, which they sought?» — said Tretyakov.

«The UOC in Ukraine, may prohibit»

With regard to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, it will remain in Ukraine, while Ministers will face pressure to switch to the «new Church», he said.

«Poroshenko and the ruling elite will do anything to deprive the Church of property. When lawlessness that prevails in Ukraine, to make it not present a problem. Will come to the priests and rectors of churches, «Or acknowledge new poroshenkos Church, remain in his Church, in his ecclesiastical rank, or you do not recognize, but then send someone else, and you get kicked out». Some of them move to Russia, many will probably agree. The clergy, too, not angels, are people too. Cynical, hypocritical politics. And the West will pretend not to notice,» he predicts.

In addition, Tretyakov did not rule out that the Ukrainian authorities can do to go on the ban of the Church.The analyst believes that Kiev will put pressure on UOC until a ban© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka in the Orthodox world: to be or not to be