The cancellation of concerts will draw to rappers more public, said Garik Sukachev

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photovacation Garik Sukachev. Archival photoThe cancellation of concerts will draw to rappers more public, said Garik Sukachev© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The cancellation of concerts of Russian rappers will attract more audience to their creativity, but it is unlikely these bans will be massive, says rock musician Garik Sukachev.

In the last few weeks in the Russian regions was cancelled a number of concerts of contemporary artists, particularly rappers Husky (Dmitry Kuznetsov) and LJ (Alexey Usenik), groups IC3PEAK and «friend zone». Russian rappers Busta (Vasily Vakulenko), Oxxxymiron (Miron Fyodorov) and Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) gave a concert «I will sing my music» in support of Husky.

«There is nothing new in this, it was then, and now this happens. Of these groups, whose concerts were banned, I know of two teams, but with this ban I now know about the other two. Based on experience I can say that there is nothing more wonderful for musicians, rather than ban their concerts. More of the public will draw their work, concerts will be more. Then it’s up to them,» said Sukachev.

In his opinion, the situation with the cancellation of concerts is unlikely to be widespread. Otherwise, according to the musician, began in Russia the emergence of a new wave of underground, counterculture. «These guys exist in a cultural context», — concluded the Sukachev.