The French authorities and protesters to refrain from violence, said the head of the OHCHR

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in fotoannunci protest movement yellow jackets in the area of the arc de Triomphe in Paris<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/12/a7ea375b76dd0814cd51847bb58fad22.jpg" alt="The French authorities and protesters to refrain from violence, said the head of the OHCHR" />© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet called on the French authorities and protesters to refrain from using force to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

«It is important that people were free to exercise their right to freedom of expression and peaceful Assembly. I encourage all demonstrators to act peacefully and asked both sides to refrain from violence,» said Bachelet at a press conference on Wednesday.

In her opinion, «both parties must resolve this issue through dialogue.»

«I know about the attempts of the authorities to engage in dialogue with political leaders and protesters. I hope it goes well. Because they have the right to peaceful protest», — said the head of OHCHR.

Mass protests of the movement «yellow jackets» which are, in particular, against the increase in gasoline prices that began in France on November 17. Saturday’s protest in Paris was accompanied by significant clashes of protesters with the police, pogroms and arsons of cars. During the riots that gripped the French capital, was arrested 412 people, injured 133 people, including 23 security men, killed four.

Earlier, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced the introduction of a six-month moratorium on increase of taxes on fuel. Among the measures, which imposed the moratorium were, in particular, the increase in fuel prices, a comparison of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. It is the change in the fuel tax from 1 January 2019 and has provoked a wave of large-scale protests of the «yellow jackets» to cover the entire country.