The Governor of the Smolensk region urged the mayor «to comply strictly with the law»

© Photo : press service of the Smolensk oblastyami the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky. Archive photoThe Governor of the Smolensk region urged the mayor «to comply strictly with the law»© Photo : press service of the administration of Smolensk region

The Governor of Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky wrote on Twitter that calls on the mayor of Smolensk Vladimir Soforenko, whose work he had previously called «hideous and disgusting», and «strictly observe the law.»

Previously Ostrovsky said on Twitter that introduced in the city Council’s initiative on the dismissal of the mayor of Smolensk, Soforenko «for poor performance» after they heard personally numerous complaints to the city government. Soforenko, described the initiative as illegal and noted that «abuse of the right to the removal of the mayor» may «destabilize the situation in the urban economy in the winter».

«I urge the mayor to stop and adhere strictly to the law. Actions for the legal field threat for committing them. Better to stop in time, even through the loss of a position than to gain the obvious structure of a crime», — he wrote after a meeting with deputies of the city Council, where, according to him, brought to them their position on discharge of the mayor from office.

Last week the work of the mayor and his team the Governor called «ugly and disgusting», and their attitudes towards people — «care». The mayor suggested that this reaction of the Governor — the answer to the «principled stand for the protection of city assets, in particular municipal enterprises».