The new Theater, artistic Director Eduard Boyakov: «After Crimea patriot be easier»

© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric in photomontaged BoyakovThe new Theater, artistic Director Eduard Boyakov: «After Crimea patriot be easier»© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric the image Bank

The Moscow art academic theatre named after Maxim Gorky was headed by famous theatrical producer, Director and teacher Eduard Boyakov. The former Director, people’s artist of the USSR Tatyana Doronina, appointed to specially created the position of President of the theatre.

Deputy art Director at the creative work of artist Sergey Puskepalis, and Deputy artistic Director of the literary part — the writer Zakhar Prilepin. In the first interview in his new position, which Eduard Boyakov gave to RIA Novosti, he told how it sees the future of the company and what a real Russian theater.

In the next few days male by Prilepine and Sergei Puskepalis describe in detail about our future plans. Now I can note several important points that we refuse will not. Of course, we look forward to preserving the traditions of a repertory theatre, this unique mode of existence of the actor. For someone to phrase the classics that «the theatre is a house» has become a hackneyed platitude. But it’s actually a house.

Repertory theatre — a unique way of organizing the team, when people live together serious, big emotions, not being family in the truest sense of the word, but actually exist as a creative brotherhood. I will do everything in order to have the Theater, the status of the repertory of the theatre was preserved.

On the other hand, for all of us it is obvious that now not the best times for repertory theatre. Actors get distracted by projects and initiatives, unnecessary shooting. There is a paradox: people go to this in order to continue to work in the theater, and the theater they force no longer remains.

Only one play is not discussed is for the «Blue bird», the statement of Stanislavsky, is to not touch it. Which, incidentally, does not negate the very serious work and with this performance. I don’t know what exact word to use, because it requires revision… Here is heard a check. This is a test not only of the theater but us. It is rather the sort of «attunement» that needs to be done.

Of course, there will be new names, new names, invited actors. No repertory theatre should not be withdrawn, it is not the catacombs. But the basis and the repertoire and tone will be full-time troupe.

— I know you care about the space in which you will work. The theater building — example of late Soviet architecture. You will be with him to do something?

— This is a major issue. The building is interesting, very powerful. It is, indeed, the example of the late-Brezhnev architecture. The attitude towards the modernism of this time we have not been formed. A priori, there is severe fatigue from this functional architecture, we in advance don’t like. But it is actually not so simple.

It becomes clear that in 1970-1980s was an incredible examples of interesting architecture. With the building — I will not say in detail — there are so many problems of engineering properties. Many people wonder whether the theatre is closed for renovation. Now there isn’t. But comprehend it we must be very serious. It is not, I say with confidence. The theatre I must say.