The Orthodox Church said that priests were summoned to the security service of Ukraine

© Fotolia / dmitrydesignerЗдание of the SBU in Kiev. Archival photoThe Orthodox Church said that priests were summoned to the security service of Ukraine© Fotolia / dmitrydesigner

Secretary of the diocese of Rivne of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Archpriest Alexander Yegorov said that the Ukrainian security Service interrogated the priests and was accused of treason and inciting religious war.

According to him, came to the agenda, 14 priests were summoned for questioning.

«A priest Sarny-woodland and 13 priests of our diocese of Rivne. In these interrogations, which took place today, it all comes down to two articles: «high treason» and «Inciting religious war.» We are talking about the brochures which do not pose any threat to the sovereignty of our state. They are common in churches and give a correct estimate on some things about Orthodoxy. But they took with them and incriminate it as the ignition of religious war» — quoted Egorova outreach Department of the UOC.

Yegorov said that the priests signed non-disclosure agreement, so to talk specifically about what was discussed during the interrogation, the Orthodox Church can not.

«Specifically we cannot say what was the conversation, because they signed non-disclosure agreements. What we know is the presentation of two articles: «treason» is a pretty serious and «Inciting religious hatred». We regard this as pressure and intimidation of the priests with the aim of force to drive us in the so-called «one Church,» he said.

SBU beginning of the Church the conflict in Ukraine has been repeatedly summoned for questioning the clergy of the UOC. So, in early December, was caused by the priests of the diocese of Sarny, in particular, Archimandrite Hilarion. On Monday, the secret service raided the churches and homes of the priests in the Zhytomyr region. UOC has declared that intend to appeal against the actions of the SBU and to appeal to the international community in connection with searches and interrogations of priests, because the Ukrainian authorities want to force the bishops of the Church to participate in the so-called «unification Council».

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities, including the President, have declared that do not intend to interfere in the Affairs of the Church, but do it all the time. So, despite promises, Poroshenko made from Constantinople the recognition of non-canonical Church in Ukraine, which the Russian Orthodox Church called schismatic. Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on the transfer of St. Andrew’s Church the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Later, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine was deprived of the canonical UOC right of use of buildings of Pochayiv Lavra in Kiev. Action against the Pochaiv monastery testify to the intimidation of believers by the authorities of Ukraine, stated in the ROC. Advisor Poroshenko Rostyslav Pavlenko went to Istanbul to observe the Synod and meet with the Patriarch of Constantinople on the question of autocephaly.

The authorities in Kiev and non-canonical Church structure in Ukraine hope till the end of the year to receive the Tomos of autocephaly from Constantinople, but Tomos can get only the Primate of the «United» Church, it needs to select on the «unification Council» of the Orthodox churches in Ukraine, which date is not appointed yet. This canonical UOC said that is not going to participate in this event.

Because of the decision of Constantinople to begin providing non-canonical autocephaly churches in Ukraine, which the Russian Orthodox Church is called the schism, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on 15 October announced the severance of communication with the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the canonical territory of the ROC, including Ukraine and Belarus.

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has called canonically void, and saw politics in the abolition of Constantinople by the act of 1686 on the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Hilarion said that Constantinople lost its right to be called the coordinating centre of Orthodoxy. In the ROC I hope that Constantinople will change the decision to give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, and before that he will be in the division.The Orthodox Church said that priests were summoned to the security service of Ukraine© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka in the Orthodox world: to be or not to be