The savings Bank has raised the upper limit of the age for the loan

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat in fotomancer. Archival photoThe savings Bank has raised the upper limit of the age for the loan© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat the image Bank

Sberbank raises the upper age limit for consumer credit. Now customers are over 65 years old can expect a loan subject to repayment until 70 years old, according to the company.

The Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Svetlana Kirsanova said that the customers of pension age actively use banking services. Every third working pensioner invests cash in term deposits, debit cards and own 80% of pensioners, credit cards have 13% of clients older than 55 years, and the service «Mobile Bank» is used 63% of pensioners.

«We see that more and more Russians of retirement age want to expand its capabilities, including with consumer loans. Availability and development of financial products for the elderly directly affect their quality of life. <…> This segment is a priority for Sberbank, and the creation of best products on the market it is not only our business, but also a social mission,» — said Kirsanov.

The head of Sberbank German Gref in September announced that the company plans to raise the maximum age of the mortgage in connection with the planned pension changes. Then he noted that the Bank is preparing a number of special banking products for people of pre-retirement and retirement age.