Volunteers in Sochi, told about his work

© Photo : personal archive Catherine Rockaway Volunteer Ekaterina RutskovaVolunteers in Sochi, told about his work© Photo : from personal archive Catherine Rockaway

Nearly three thousand volunteers worked in Sochi in the days of the world Cup, they were shared not only a love of sport and the opportunity to be involved in a big event, but also the desire to help guests settle into the city and create a festive atmosphere.

On the day of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia, which is celebrated on 5 December, two residents of Sochi — the pensioner Iryna Polishchuk, student at the local University Ekaterina Rutskova – told RIA Novosti, how become volunteers and why the emotions of your guests is more important than the measures themselves.

«Olympic» volunteer

Irina Polishchuk is moving quickly along the river Sochi. Two hours later, 60-year-old retiree plans to participate in the action «10 thousand steps to health», and need to have time to take a walk with her granddaughter.

«I’m so glad I live in a time that so many things around me happens and I participate. Once counted how many I have accreditations for various events accumulated since then, I became a volunteer — 62, now more. Never thought I’d delay,» the course says Polishchuk.

Irina Borisovna before retirement worked as an English teacher — first at school, then taught. As a native of Sochi river, she along with other residents rejoiced when the city in 2007 was chosen as the venue for the 2014 Olympics. Said, it was real happiness.

«On the instructions of the Department of education then we began to train children in the schools English for the enhanced program that by 2014 they could talk to guests, explain how and where to pass it to be at a decent level. I applied to become a volunteer. First taught, then I, as a volunteer, work for free with children», — said Polishchuk.

After the Olympic games was the Paralympics where Polishchuk worked as a volunteer in Krasnaya Polyana, then, was the world military games and other large events. But the scale of the Olympics can be compared only to the world Cup, Irina Borisovna.

«During the 2018 world Cup I was a team leader gate No. 7. There is a very good area of hospitality, we passed through a lot of people. If the whole stadium can accommodate more than 40 thousand people, then after I passed 7-8 thousand, all happy, with good mood. Especially memorable for the Mexicans, who prepared a real show for the games with our eyes,» says Polishchuk.

Now Irina Borisovna as the volunteer participates in almost all international events in Sochi: racing «Formula 1» sailing regatta, the summit Russia – ASEAN sports competitions. Very soon, on December 11, the city will host the Sochi international film festival and film awards. In addition, Polishchuk works and local events.

«We now have a football club «Sochi» and we became his permanent volunteers, help in organization of matches. Even our hockey club «Sochi» — also work there. In the hockey club I love,» says Polishchuk.

In March 2018 Irina won the competition «Miss Spring 2018» in the category «Hot heart» for the volunteers of the «silver» age. Says volunteers her age in Sochi a lot — about 700 people. They not only work at various events, but also participate in environmental actions — clean the coast, for example. Before the Olympics volunteers for two weeks helped to bring the city into order.

«I am not attracted to fame, fame. I volunteer, volunteering. I have a desire to watch the event, meet with people from other countries, to tell about the city, the country,» said Polishchuk.

Twenty-six student at Sochi state University Ekaterina Rutskova conducts a tour of the Museum volunteer centre «Forward». The Museum is small, just a few shelves, mostly the exhibits of the 2014 Olympics — the elements of the volunteer form, pennants, icons, photos.

«Soon there will be stands dedicated to the world Cup,» says Rutskova.

It is recognized that the most important event in the life considers not the 2018 world Cup, and winter Olympics — in which she participated as a volunteer.

«I first worked as a volunteer in the «Forward», helped with the recruitment of volunteers. And then went to «object». Chose the «ceremonies», our group was helping costumers with clothes for the speakers at the opening ceremonies and the closing ceremonies. Had all the costumes spread out, to stroke, to give, to help actors change during performances,» says Catherine.

According to Rockaway, she immediately became a public activist. After school he entered the applied mathematics and was a serious busy with my studies. But when I announced a set of volunteers for the Olympics, realized that can not stay away.

«Although we have worked behind the scenes during the ceremony and did not see the performances, were not hurt, we saw all the stars. And the most memorable at the Olympics is emotion. Such a delight, a joy I have not experienced. The atmosphere of the occasion was constantly, as if in a parallel reality you’re at,» says Rutskova.

After the Olympics she decided to take part in the Paralympic games, however, later applied for and was worried that she might not get seats. But it took, and Catherine once again participated in the preparation of opening and closing. She did not think about the fatigue, and the most difficult was to get back to normal life after the Games are over.

«Afraid that such an event probably never will. And so I wanted to still participate in something. Of course, took place in the city events, but not major. But then, thank God, happened to us «Formula 1″, where I also participated in the preparation of the opening ceremony,» says Rutskova.

Then Catherine decided to further develop the volunteer movement and came to work at centre Forward.

© RIA Novosti / Svetlana Samsonovna Ekaterina RutskovaVolunteers in Sochi, told about his work© RIA Novosti / Svetlana Samsonovna Ekaterina Rutskova

«After the Olympics, many children went to work in the organizing committees of various events, for example, the 2018 world Cup. Our center cooperates with the hockey club «Sochi», each season volunteers are involved in organizing matches. One of the coordinators of volunteers now working at the club, is responsible for fans. Volunteering — start for a career. In the youth policy works a lot of the former volunteers,» says Rutskova.

After the «Formula 1» Catherine has participated as a volunteer in many events: robotics competition world Championships in Sambo, karate and chess. Says to invite volunteers for such contests has become fashionable, now no one tournament is held without volunteers.

«After the Olympics, the most ambitious were the confederations Cup and the world Cup in 2018. But it all started in 2016. First there was the campaign for volunteers, it seemed like the selection procedure for the Olympic games, the same stages: a questionnaire, testing for language skills and overall quality,» says Rutskova.

© Photo : personal archive Catherine Rockaway Volunteer Ekaterina RutskovaVolunteers in Sochi, told about his work© Photo : from personal archive Catherine Rockaway Volunteer Ekaterina Rutskova

According to the girl, special courses for raising the skills to become a volunteer at the 2018 world Cup, she passed her knowledge and skills enough to get to the position of volunteer coordinator.

«We were assistants to the managers who were responsible for volunteers around the stadium. Carried out the registration of volunteers, made graphs of their work. And, of course, helped in solving various problems, followed the procedure, and arranged their leisure. It is a great responsibility to care for others,» — said Rutskova.

Catherine this year completes the master’s degree, but to complete the volunteer activity is not going to. In February, she will take part at Russian investment forum in Sochi, and has applied for winter Universiade-2019, which will be held in March in Krasnoyarsk.

Volunteers in Sochi, told about his workThere are no strangers: as volunteers in different cities to help the children