Off the coast of Japan faced two US Navy aircraft

© Photo : U.S. Navy/MCS 2nd Timothy WalterИстребитель U.S. Navy F/A-18. Archive photoOff the coast of Japan faced two US Navy aircraft© Photo : U.S. Navy/MCS 2nd Timothy Walter

American fighter bomber F/A-18 and the tanker aircraft KC-130 collided on Thursday night off the coast of Japan, said in a statement the marine Corps of the United States, received by RIA Novosti.

The incident occurred at about 02.00 local time. Both aircraft took off from the base of the U.S. marine corps Iwakuni and carried out «routine training flight».

How many people on Board, not reported. NBC reports that on Board the aircraft, as expected, were the seven people: two in a fighter plane and five on the tanker.

Saved one person

One American soldier rescued after the collision of U.S. aircraft in Japan, the TV channel ABC.

Soldier was picked up by Japan self-defense forces, which participate in search and rescue operations.

To the crash of two us military planes near the Japanese Prefecture Kochi Prefecture sent six ships of the Japanese security on the sea and one patrol aircraft, said the Agency Kyodo.

Made a water landing

Two American military aircraft — a fighter-bomber McDonell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet and a military transport tanker KC-130 — after contact in the air made the landing, ships did not suffer, reported to journalists the Deputy Secretary-General of the government of Japan, Yasutoshi Nishimura.

«According to this hour, the fighter-bomber F/A-18 with two crew members on Board military transport tanker KC-130 with five crew members came into contact in the air and made a landing. Information about the damage (the courts — ed.) the sea is no», — quotes the words Nishimura broadcaster NHK.

F/A-18 and KC-130

F/A-18 is an American carrier-based fighter-bomber and attack aircraft developed in the 1970-ies. Is the main combat aircraft of the US Navy. Is in service with several countries of Europe and Asia, used in military operations in Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia.

On the F/A-18 set digital wire flight control system with quadruple redundancy.

Four on-Board computers provide control of the aircraft F/A-18 roll, pitch and yaw. Each computer operates autonomously and is located in a separate compartment, which provides increased survivability of the system fly-by-wire aircraft control. Generation of control commands is performed on averaged signals from all on-Board computers. In case of failure of one, two or three computer control is the remaining computers. In case of failure of all computers, the pilot switches to mechanical control system.

C-130 American military transport aircraft medium and long range. The main military transport aircraft of the United States, NATO and several other countries. 2014 is the most widely used military transport aircraft in the world.

KC-130 is a modification of the basic model, military transport tanker.