Prisoner «Vladimir Central» confirmed that he bit off his tongue

© Photo : courtesy of the press service UFSIN of Russia across Vladimir oblastima Vladimir Central prison in Vladimir. Archive photoPrisoner «Vladimir Central» confirmed that he bit off his tongue© Photo : courtesy of the press service UFSIN of Russia across Vladimir region

Prisoner «Vladimir Central» confirmed members of the regional public oversight Commission (POC) that he bit off his tongue, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the Chairman of the PMC Vyacheslav Kulikov.

News Agency RBC reported on Tuesday that the convict, Mdivnishvili in prison №2 UFSIN of Russia across Vladimir region («Vladimir Central») had his tongue cut out. Information about RBC received from the President of ANO «Centre of assistance to foreign nationals and combating illegal migration» of the Novel Kayfajyan, who claimed that the man was allegedly tortured, and in addition to the language the prisoner lost several teeth. Kayfajyan said that he had sent on this occasion appeals to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the Chairman of the investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

UFSIN across Vladimir region has denied the information that the prisoner had his tongue cut out, according to the Agency, he bit it off himself, it was recorded by a surveillance camera. The man admitted to the hospital at colony No. 3. Materials in fact harm the FPS passed to the police.

Kulikov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, along with colleagues Larisa Pavlova and Sergei AGANA visited the convict in the hospital, and also visited prison No. 2.

«Sergey Ashotovich knows Georgian, and he asked him questions on his tongue. Convicted confirmed that he did it himself that no one was tortured,» — said Kulikov, noting that Mdivnishvili can’t speak, and therefore expressed themselves with gestures and nods of the head.

According to the interlocutor, the convicted person is in a psychiatric Department of a hospital, while he was «calm, steady, not excited.» According to Kulikova, after the visit of the members of the PMC to the chamber to convict passed his lawyer.

«Then we went to the second prison, looked through the paperwork, when it happened, watched the video. He did it in the area of privacy, in other words, in the toilet, but the video shows that no one in his cell was not included, and none of it came out. When he came out of the zone of privacy, he already was bleeding,» explained Kulikov.

«Everything is recorded on camera. We with a calm conscience left, knowing that the person did it himself, not the employees,» he said.