The USS defiantly held near the Russian base

© AFP 2018 / US NAVY Missile destroyer of the U.S. air force McCampbell. Archival photoThe USS defiantly held near the Russian base© AFP 2018 / US NAVY

American missile destroyer McCampbell was held on Wednesday in the vicinity of the Peter the Great Bay in Primorye, where the base of the Russian Pacific fleet, said the Navy.

«McCampbell sailed in the vicinity of the Peter the Great Bay, to challenge the excessive Maritime claims of Russia and to support the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of the sea, which is at the disposal of the United States and other countries,» — reads the statement of the representative of the American Pacific fleet, Rachel Makmur.

The official representative of the Navy of the United States stressed that Washington does not recognize Russia’s claims to water areas, saying that Moscow claims in areas that far exceed 12 miles from the Russian coast under international law.

The Peter The Great Gulf

The Peter the Great Gulf — the largest Gulf of the sea of Japan near the Russian coast. It is located in the South of Primorsky Krai, between the Cape Turning to the East and the mouth of the Tumen river in the West.

On the shores of the Bay of Peter the Great the towns: Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Bolshoi Kamen, Fokino and the largest Russian port on the Pacific ocean — Eastern.


USS McCampbell is the 35th destroyer out of the series 84 URO destroyers of the «Arleigh Burke», the construction of which was approved by the U.S. Congress. Named after the most successful ACE of the US Navy during the Second world war David Maccampbell.

McCampbell equipped with a rocket launcher vertical type to launch anti-ship missiles, a launcher of cruise missiles «Tomahawk» and torpedo tubes.

Provocations in the South China sea

The second of October a Chinese destroyer was held at a «safe» distance from us warships, which carried out the operation to «freedom of navigation» near the disputed Islands in the South China sea.

In response, Beijing announced that the American destroyer illegally entered the waters, and a Chinese warship immediately took the necessary steps: conducted a check of the ship and gave him a warning to immediately leave the waters.

China demanded that Washington immediately cease «provocative actions of the Navy in the South China sea».

«The United States under the pretext of «freedom of navigation» violate fundamental international norms, pose a threat to China’s sovereignty and damage stability in the region», — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying.